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  • Este obra cuyo autor es Sergio Cobos Arco está bajo una licencia de Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 4.0 Internacional de Creative Commons.


    Publicado: 10 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
    #ahora ya estan perdidos...hehe!!!

    “In the Interlude,i had a dream,in the mean-time,young troops sending messages,above mother-queen awaits,and raised from our positions,we see the light,but we´l be the deceivers of the deceivers,we´ll never surrender”.
    Last words from Mountak´s soldier Jean Simmons,West-frontiers,beyond Matrax Constellation positions.

     “We are the machines!” from Granada- spanish Lagartija Nick Álbum”Alpha”.
    This book will be into the hierarchy a fundamental book in all whole history.So,i must make a new concept of book,and the beggining was the Ep`s..later,then the most new fundamental new concepts_
    At the end to do )make= a scheme of schemes,as a middle Ages breviarium with this new concept but with classical design (ancestral) with the new concept of Exocosmobiology at 3D,Exogeometrical or xeno,exogeometrical,better said concept Newxenoentercibersufism…or Newxenoarqueoastronomy…and the most important thing. Every photo has a point or signal that connects it to the rest,as a caledioscopical map.Into the intersections or beetween them the EP`s and all “operated*[1]” by Exocosmobiology Gameboard (photos are correlated with every step of the Game, but not only photos,there are many empty spaces.
    13 EP´s at least.
    [The best weapon we have is the mental skill flexibility and the worst thing our enemies have is the non-sense of mental training].
    What is this?
    Insekt Founders&Human race,The Alliance = Why the insekts?.
    Because they were our founders,they live at 4D, and they are middle organics & middle unorganics and they thought “US”, or a queen  ,an Insekt Queen [introduce or insert insekt hierarchy beetween Antz…-introduce insektonotronix].The Queen of Queens,or the Queen, that more connect with humans because we are at 3D.And we connect-Teleconnect,with neural-natural channels.for every human there´s an insekt,for every single insekt,every human has its insekt guardian or spirit guardian  at 4D.We can connect simply with them by intuition.But our mutual enemies,greys and reptoids,want techno-ilogically to find this connection ,because they couldn´t get it yet.They know our mutual connection ,since many thousands years ago,we share mutual mental roots,insekts and humans,mental roots.
    In the beggining we were a single idea in an insekt mind,they wanted to find a solution for a problem,they were only mental ,they live at multidimensionality but they wanted to prove themselves[test] at 3D,to integrate its own powers,because they destroyed its race because they killed themselves ,they disintegrate their last chance to live at phisical universe.And they give us their knowledge/s,they transfer all what they were to us, they didn´t create us,they transfer us all its history and Xenology, Xenobiology,Xenohistory to us,we were the next step at evolution of the Nucleus of the Soul,the Travel of The Soul since the beggining of time,The Travel of the Nucleus of the Source Soul into the Universe…
    All what we perceive as ancestral memories are insekt memories,they come from them.
    They were at 4D-5D..But they fail at final test and they killed themselves .
    We were in the past insekts (well, it not so!) mentally and spiritual,because we are from the same place,the source.We weren´t insekts,but we have all memories,remembers,and Xenogenetical stuff,virtual mind-skeleton of all their lessons,evolutions into their try to get biological and their try and their lessons to integrate all powers of the source into its travel into the spae and time.
    And we were created later as humans as a second try or chance to discover if we could integrate all our powers.There at Lyra “WE” or our predecessors (insekt predecessor sinto this mission they fought against reptoids/greys that reject the Soure.but our true enemies are ourselves when we don´t want to integrate with ourselves,and so on to defeate our reptoids/grey enemies.
    And now our last chance is remember the mistakes of the past ando f the insekts of the past,and create a new answer to The Source,to the Nature to restore the Balance.
    Restoring the Balance human race will go on into the eternal scheme,the eternal travel into the Unknown.”
    -Please, remember!!,in the past we were big insekt warriors!!!….hehe!!!.
    -They fought against our same enemies than now,they had big defenses,they pulsated the whole universe, they had same question to do to the void..they had same doubts you already have..and they sacrificed,the insekts, themseves for the entire human race,they knew what would happen into the future.And they sown some seeds in our brains to get lighetened in certain moments to declare war same enemies.
    -Well,let´s begin!,we can do Xenofood,Xenomind…
    -Hi!,it´s not a joke,dude!!!.
    -C´mon!,we can share it faster…Xenokupation,Xenoanarquy…huahua!!!.
    -Wow!!!,you got it!!.Xenomind is already working,you´re the choosen one.
    -Everybody are The Choosen one,if we understand this new Xenocripto-strategy
    We got more than half of our mission done.
    -Please,tell me more, can you explain it,Maestro?.
    -Well,it´s easy,Did you read William Gibson´s“Neuromancer” ?.
    -No,i  only read about Julius Verne,C´mon What´s all this?.
    -You can´t understand Xenomind if you read this before, but ok!,we´ll go on:
    -We can choose only a aprt o four min dor we can share our mind with others,that´s the begining of the network ot networks or Internet,is how it works,you follow me?.
    -Yes,well it´s like a Hive mind?.
    -That´s exactly what i want!!!,congratulations!!!.But we are not greys,we are not machines we can take to another place, follow me?.
    -Yes,a new level, a Xenoarquitecture of minds, a mind of minds?.
    -More or less..We can watch it as a Xenogeometrical perspective,a new level of mind-arquitecture as the brain of brains ,as the metaphor that Internet is.
    -So,we are at new Internet configuration..
    -No!.We don´t need Internet,we can share information with Internet but we don´t need it, is something more different,is a new architecture of minds,is like enter: Ok.guys,here are the new guys at the doors of the Noosphere..
    -What´s the Noosphere?
    -Well,i think it´s enough by far,let´s take a break!!.
    -Ok! Maestro,we go to chinese or Thai?
    -Xenofood,you say?..hehe!!.It´s a joke.I´ll make a spanish Paella from my mother´s.
    -Pure mediterranean food,i need it!!.
    -You´ll love it!!,call Julieta if she wants too..
    -Ok!!,she loves surprises!!!…huahuahua!!!.
    In the meantime,another race,another time,another place,senses surround:
    -We must watch carefully .
    -We raise beyond the stars,that´s what i know,we must learn untill the Signal Day comes,that the Retribution will be for ever..
    -That´s only another words´joke as Montauk says.
    -We must make a stand,in the mean-time while we organised Montauk forces and we raised there can be,How much? How much time,Simmons? 100000 blueprint billion years?.
    -We didin´t know exactly,we were disspoainted by that army,we never listen advices,you can see,Frontier´s soldiers,the last chance is always ours.
    -We see the daylight,the awakening of our strenght,i´m proud.
    -I remember,soldier!,i remember,when first Montauk´s Spaceship arrived,we were virgins of all that,what will come from…
    -From where? Were they friends?.I tell you clearly…I know pixen by pixen what you are thinking about,and we´ll be the kings of our own existence.We don´t need Montauk´s Troops,they came here for their own benefit,they don´t serve to Mother´s Queen at all!!!.
    -Who? Butterfly Queen? We are insekts,my friend!,don´t you remember the dragon´s fly wings time? The insekt Prescience was at Highest level,our priests didn´t sign but dark dreams,wet worms and nothing else,we were but wired prisoners of that Prescience-And he spits at the ground!!-We wait,we´ll wait untill our king comes,and the peace will be restored again..
    -We are in the time of false alarms…huahuahua!!!.
    -No,my old friend,we are at times of War!!!.When imperialistical devices were came from,and we´ll be their slaves,we only show the afternoon side,look at your left,look at your right,sides!! We were born in circunstances of war´spreading,spreading wars,we are not the sons of Aries no more,we are Insekts!!!.
    -I don´t think so!!!.When time comes,we´ll serve to another corners of our existence,we´ll be the serves of the uncertainty,we will always be insekts!!!.
    -Or not,may be we can survive at Physical world instead-And saying this,He disspaeared where shadows reigns at the time of no-return.
    Another ceremony was waiting for,at Crux Constellation..
    -We can´t secure this galactical Sector,we are not suicides.
    -Jokes!! These implants from Imperial Maitre forces raise again and you talk about Peace Forces,our own borders can be in peril.We´re on danger.
    -So you must watch Maitre races,they want Earth.They´re building tactical neural implants on human beings with government´s help.
    -…Earth Planet? We don´t look at this external race so much time…
    -You don´t see multidimensionally, you are blind.Insekts can be a weird race in the future…they are dying!!!.
    -They choosed their own destruction,they put a Mother-Queen and all was dark for them.
    -I´m not so sure of this.This Prize is too much big,It´s the biggest one!!!.
    -We must visit our fire-friends at our dreams,though they live at 4 dimension we can always maintaining conversation with them.
    -It´s a traslating time, a no-rest comunication,you know.
    -I know,i´ll be back in time-And Jader General Matrax goes from Chancellor´s room.
    -For ever?.Maybe he´ll never be back!!…hehe!!!.
    -Because i do a random selection and always there´s one that is one who is the same name to use that day-clay
    -While they´re scaning me…Why can you hear me?.I´ll be there for the answer…-Ansewered the deleted waiter-soldier.
    -Creep-Insekt-barbarians,tear your powers!!! Create your relations!!!-Said The Chancellor.
    -Scanning surround,Chancellor,sucking the succesions…
    -“o´Fortune,Bellut Luna!!!”.
    -Annunanki interruption, scanning transmissions..huahuahua!!!.
    -Where´s the server?
    -Where the Master is,the server,we an copy on this new frame ,but we need help to confront evil forces,they are growing up.
    -Isolation won.I never be the answer,we should regard  our ancestors.
    -No way!,We are building their fallen.
    -Minimum confidence rating,how is is possible?.Humans grew with no intervention,at highest levels of self-freedom.But their confidence was dismissed,they didn´t train their brain values.
    -You watch the only certainty,we should go there and clear the way to train all of them,human race must fight as the others do!,they are a blind suicide team.
    -Time´s watching! They can re-evaluate its history,but they must grow up with pride and no prejudice.
    -Don´t reproduce your waves on my scanner senses!…hehe!!!-relucted Emerther to his human-like Redan´s friend.
    -What do you do with these kinda things?.
    -These spores get into super-beings able to jump the high space with hugh-human-machines.
    All those both two antz signals : # never close of a letter,ther´s always a space,that´s the difference,for instance #A..(No),#_(SPACE)A.
    The other symbols are Antz TOO, and you can posses them,par excelence insekts,through social networks.
    We can change letters order,for example,the minor letters are big letters.For example.-Antz Soldier-(aNtZsOlDiEr).These identify us too beetween us,to stop surveillance.Antz world is insekt world spritituality “par excelence”,many kind of textures,to design our realities,to name soldiers,etc…
    -What we say is that all governments withouth exception have regular meetings with hostile Alien races against the human race at this planet and have accords that include alien machinery for exchange genetical engeenering with human DNA,abductions,children kidnapping, raping female human for hybridation receptacles (this last since many thousand years ago).Examples-Maitre race and others…

    Video youtube :”Everybody wants to rule the world” Tears for fears,
    ” and who says no,nor only is a lier but an Illuminatti…”.
    From “Las Alas de la Libélula-Presciencia Insekto”/”The Dragonfly´s wings-Insekt Prescience” pag. 178
    -Yes,we must say into the book “Las Alas de la Libélula-Presciencia Insekto”/”The Dragonfly´s wings-Insekt Prescience” there´s a mistake we must clear to stop prejudices to all of you that follow Insektonotronix,so at that first Cylon ( or Insekt Day) from  Sektor 4th (or Insekt Month) “About the Revolution” at Third Area (or Insekt Year) that corresponds to Bee Area (or Bee Year),this Sektor/Month beggins 06/16 gregorian calendar,and not 06/17 greg cal as is showed at the book,logically,and following common mayan 13:20 pattern this is the day and not 06/17 greg cal. And so on,and with the same correspondence while you walk through 28 th days of the Sektor,and that´s the result:
    ITH SEKTOR ; Key Sentence…” About The Direction”” (24/3-20/4)
    IIND SEKTOR: Key Sentence:”About the Questioning Thing” (21/4-18/5)
    IIIRD SEKTOR : Key Sentence“ About The Balance”.(19/5 -15/6).
    IVTH º : ““ About The Revolution“…” ( 16/6-13/7)
    VTH SEKTOR : “ About The Art“…( 14/7- 10/8 )
    VITH : “ “About The Justice “ (11/8-09/9)
    VIITH : “”About The Perfection” (10/9- 05/10)
    VIIIºTH: “About The Meditation ” (06/10- 02/11)
    IXTH : “About The Unity” ( 03/11- 30/11 )
    XTH:”About The Motivation“ (01/12- 28/12)
    XITH: “About The Stability“ (29/12-25/1)
    XIITH : “About The Opening Of The Seal” (26/1-22/2)
    XIIIth : “About The Conmemoration“ (23/2-22/3)
    + 1 day about Universal Cosmic Wisdom “Cosmik Sophias” (23/3)
    Ex.- 1/1/1994  was at XITH SEKTOR “About The Stability” and the D-Day (06/06/1943) was at IIIRD Sektor “About The Balance”.
    We are sure those who follow the path of the Insektonotronix will find very usefull these words and will let the beauty of its inner cosmic harmony will go on at their lives and at the whole universe…and the universes won´t be anything without you,without you there couldn´t exist this Insektonotronix or any counter timimg system…hehe!!!.Happy Revolution!!! The Commander Says…From some place at SouthAmerica.2015 gregorian calendar.
                                                MODE :FORMIC WARS :

    -I´m here walking on to link the worlds for human race to survive,that´s my bussines!!!.
    -You´re saying their bussines is extinction of the human race?.
    -Yes,i do,this is the Masterplan of the governments and inhabite the planet with new populations,new races.
    -But that´s maquiavelichal,faustichal !!!.
    -An operated and perfect plan.You can search into the Agendas…
    -And what kind of help you have?.
    -Just the wind,blowing in my lungs,taking me with the eagle´s flight.
    -I don´t understand..
    -You´ll do!!!…hehe!!!.I can see inside the warrior´s eyes,into the batterfield tonight!!!!.
    -Yes,you can see all the whole thing,you are really a warrior.Can you be in time?.And we can still stop the genocide. Still! Release your powers. . And millions will be following you!!!
    -Never again!!!.All for humanity!!!,all the history human beings have been slaved,dominated..never again!!!.
    -Soulless fight,in prison better to killing me.Never again!!!.
    -Believe me!,Never again!!!.These words will change the earth´s surface for ever!!!.
    -I have the animal inside,trying to survive…
    -Human beings have all animals soul inside,you have all the powers now!.
    -Can you be calling me again?.
    -Taking the project,all aliens will be with us,it helps tonight!-He says hitting the main computerboard with his light hands.
    -And now, or we´ll go to hell tonight!!!…hehe!!!.
    -Sequeenzing the Alien Genoma!!!.
    -You can´t come back!! If you do this you have no come back..
    -Alpha Moon Base!!!,I can´t come back,i´ll dig into my intestines..The Moon has go out from its orbit..i na´t come back!! Repeat..i can´t come bak..i´ll dig into my intestines,Alpha Moon Base..End Transmission.
    -Jean,Jean!!,please,answer me…what´s going on?.What´s going on?….
    -Maybe..maybe…Call Matrax,…Orella!!!,They are diging Zeta Reticulli,once again,there´s no more time for politics!!!…
    ,i know, i know because they are here!!!,here,at planet earth,Kurz is back,repeat,Kurz is back,beggin invasion….Insekts..I´ll be back!! I´ll be bak!!!.There´s no more time for politics
    -Jean,Jean,that´s only a vision, please return signal,ill be waiting!!!,repeat,i´ll be waiting there..!!!
    -Holy Shit!!!,What´s the matter with you,Jean?.She can´t come bak!!!.She says it all the time,but she can…and switching off the screen ran to meet others..
    -What´s going on,Julius? Is Jean all right?
    -I think we must find a way to take her home again!!!,repeated stumbling down the chair and crying as a baby woul do…
    -Julius,we need you,the  alien machines are growing their intensity..
    -What you would say,Grenade? She stood smiling and looking very interested in him.
    -We are brothers and sisters, we are the Resistance,don´t forget this, if we are still alive it´s because there´s a chance..Look!!!.
    And he talks very slowly for aproximately 4 mechanical hours everyone in the base,we knew him, he was serious and he was our commandant,he never lies.He said many things but he was sure machines wre creating a new strategy,a new vortex,giving to humanity some of their technologies to smash us definitively with a master´s game, they were thinking about the right moment
    To open wide public virtual realities,they fail at the 90´s and stopped surprissely,no one came to talk about virtual reality till this year 2015 greg cal,when all app´s craziness fell down with smart phones and phone-clocks they are ready for their brutal virtual reality glasses,he talked about William Gibson´s “Neuromancer” and he exhorted us to read this book .Briefly this book is about a cibernetic rider,or internet-cowboy that crack all phisical firewalls at 3d reality to steal banks and all of this,sine The Resistance discover its planing and broke all internet seals they have positioned their armies at the virtual reality spreading their glasses all around the world at a very minimum cost,why?And that what frightened us ,just because they wanted to use them to goes on the Montauk Project and Philadelphia experiment ,the portal open at 2023 and the time is running against them, other manifestations are going to make real presence at this planet beetween 2017 and 2023,so they want everybody connected to make a giant Virtual Montauk´s chair,with every glasses you will be able to get yourself into the wonderfull world of the 3D and training us in some kinda of reality, what theses glasses do at the same time simply is train each of us with artificial instructions to do with thoughts,feelings, soul-energy to visualize something in his/her mind creating a full complete phisical reality,not a virtual reality,these glasses will pick up the virtual reality to a massive computer bank where stabilize all  control data and store them and transmit themto the generating-reality-computer-machinery ,that´s the way they created time portals at Philadelphia  Experiment and Montauk Project with Mars, alien minds and 1943-1963-1983..and now they want do open them one again at 2023,training a massive population with this “funny”virtual reality that will be for ever their soul-slaves to open portals and with induction make horrible things at this planet and its inhabitants, materialising time-portals (new time-lines) and objects and of course realities,all around the planet and this is the true hidden side of the virtual reality and transfer all feelings,thoughts,emotions and all your soul-matrix signatures where they will be able to transform these data into a phisical reality,when people talen out heir glasses it will be too late, all what they have believed in till that moment will be totally vanished,because they will transform data to your souls,and you will be caged into a real machinery for ever,there will be giants database but not of mind-brian-waves but soul-matrixes!!!.
    We were shocked with these news,it will be a last weapon to control nor only people´s mind but people´souls,they will take all human beings and tranform them in a data resembling the main points and targetting them to each person they can goes on with the implantations´politics but the worst doesn´t coming yet,they really want to erase all emotional and emotive answers at human beings,and burn each brain,we will be walking with the help of our spinal medula as a phisical cortex while our more precious powers will be transfered into a machine that can turn these at pure violence Alien service against all human form life on earth.They have developed a mind-profile with NSA help services of everyone of us,they know everything about all world inhabitants on this planet,that was its work these years ,now,while we are not aware of this agenda.
    But he says there was hope, many of them were training out of the thick buble of this brutal goverments control years, very lonely people,prosecuted by all goverments, training their brains to fight the machine,the Machine-Governments-Hive-Alien-Mind and defeated their plans, stealing information and anonymously transfering data to The Resistance,and all free all humanity from actual slavery.They will be our Ciber-hacker-crackers-virtual-reality-cowboys,our last warriors.
    -No borders-no lines, no interferences!!!.Scream the troop when the commander finish to talk to us.
    -Another black hole in the killing zone.!!Please,Commander Grenade!!.-was heard at loudspeakers.
    John Tittor has avoided IIIrd World War for us,once again!!!!,with a singular way,time-lines,and all this,time-machine.. heuhua!!!..”youtube account
    Suddenly a call from within,from my tribal voice..We need to survive now, c´mon, stand for your rights,don´t be afraid of the move you make, you better listeng to your tribal voice…All the people in the world are dreaming!!!”
    From a wall at A Guria Preenchida Favela´s POA (Porto Alegre-Brasil).
    -I need the money,dude!!.I´m at struggle,the “patron” doesn´t want to leave me,he´ll kill my family!!!.
    -Call Fernandão!!,he has a stronger gang.
    -We need help,i´ll cal Eriverto,he´s at University.
    -I don´t know,I call him..well he was at Mexico,isn´t it?
    -Yes,he studied there about radiation and “enchiladas”.
    -No,bro´it´s serious, if I don´t pay  i´m dead!!.
    -Be calm!, we knew him because Maya´s Legacy,he knows things about space and time,we must come back to our investigations, we are too much merge at this gang place.
    -Yes,we are the future of our people,we can´t give up now,I think Brasil is going to give a big chance in the world,and all Latinoamerica.
    -Well,we are a single people, Brasil,Argentina,México…We all re the same!!!.
    -And Northamericans!!.
    -Yes,I included them,nor its government,but we must focus,don´t get in politics now.
    -We have the power!! ,we have the weapon to change everything.
    -We see you later on.
    -Ok!,give remembers to my…Pish of shit!! I can´t remember her name,no way,bye!!.
    -Yes!!…Don´t forget,we have to take back the way to the stars…Our brothers are there fighting against reptilians!!!.We have a lot of experience here…as a giant genetical experimentation camp this “Favela” for these races,This awfull Maitre Dolls and their iguanoids brothers at the Vatican…
    -We´ll talk,take care!!!.We have a cosmic mission,Rafael.
    EPILOGUE: The Sufies live  at a parallel dimension in which sometimes reptilians want to enter and get in,it´s a near close dimension at ours,full of symbolism,but therés no common thing with this consensual supposed reality of ours.You can have a sufi close to you and you can´t see him,nor hear him, nor note him,the reson is not they became invisible at this material plane,but a “mayan” reason, about all reality planes,at a mathematichal an geometrical point of view we only live at a 10% of possible phisical reality we can live in,Sufies live at the 100%.This is possible because our “consensual” reality is not really the Reality,and they (sufies) know about it and can do changes at this another reality that they want to sufoate them to live in (materical) but everytime is more difficult this and they need to implement a bigger coertion and repression for a similar result as ussually before,so many are getting into this “reality” guiding to our brothers and sisters .This “consensual” reality is selfing-destroying or self-desintegrating itself.
    ‘“Reptilians” is not unusual enough, THIS post deals with apparent temporal manipulation such as that being experimented with by the Montauk projects – which the ’Draconian’ forces based below the Gizeh plateau reportedly have a strong investment in. Some have suggested that with all of the temporal causality violations taking place in our time or world-line, linear ’reality’ as we know it will eventually begin to dissolve into a multi-linear reality somewhat in-between a reality-escape and a dream-escape, or rather the very foundations of the linear third dimension as we perceive it will begin to fluctuate. So genetic, psychological, fraternal, political, and economic manipulation is apparently not the only form of “intervention” that the Dracos have been involved with. It is said that earth’s unique electromagnetic grid allows for the possibility of strange temporal manipulations, and even alternate “time branches”. The clincher is that there is only so much energy to go around in that – like a tree – all “time branches” feed off of the same BASE or TRUNK… so the more “branches” that exist the less energy there is to go around.”
    Post at Internet,Anonymous.
    At The College,near Porto Alegre,Brasil a talk about Reptilians beetween Ismael and Rafael,friends.:
    -…There are also claims that other “aliens” came back from the future of the ORIGINAL world-line and wiped out most of the earth’s population via biological warfare…,Rafael…
    -Thank God we are not living in THAT dimension,Ismael!!.
    -However these “aliens” [genetic -hybrids from the original world-line’s FUTURE] ARE reportedly very involved in THIS world-line… some have our best interests at stake, whereas others DO NOT.
    -Anyway, in order to keep from going insane with confusion, it might be easier to view time as a TREE= METAVERSAL REALITY rather than a LINE.
    -Several Thule-Society agents were able to escape back in time and assassinate Kennedy [many unusual paranormal events were involved with the JFK murder].
    -Change the history of one “time-branch” they would have to change all branches simultaneously, which is apparently impossible. It is said that the energy grid of planet earth [which is UNIQUE in the universe] can only energize half a dozen or so THIRD DENSITY [or third density FACET] world-lines… as it takes energy to maintain a linear/material reality… above and beyond this, reality becomes a bit “slippery”, as the ENERGY/matter ratio drifts more to the ENERGY side. It is said that there is at least ONE world-line that is even more dense/linear than THIS one, one in which one does not encounter a multiplicity of Fortean-type paranormal manifestations, phenomena which is apparently the resulting factor of a reality that has experienced major temporal causality violation and manipulation… and as a result many believe that THIS world-line will begin to drift into a more energized multilinear reality in or around the year 2012…
    -The ONE of the MAJOR efforts on the part of the Alien/Human Montauk agenda to generate a world-line through temporal manipulation… one involving a Nuclear attack on American soil in the fall [Nov.] of 1997. There were several prophecies of this occurrence, however most now say that it did NOT. But there have been OTHERS besides Jim [see following post] who claim to have encountered this alternate reality… one in which the DRACO interventionists are apparently implicated to the core. Some may have the feeling that they are existing in one or more “dimensions” simultaneously.
    -Could THIS explain such feelings? The human soul can only produce so much energy, and like the energy grid of planet earth itself the human soul can only exist in so many dimensions at once before it is “spread too thin”… however more subtle levels of our soul can apparently interact with “weaker” event-lines.
    -As I said there are reportedly only half a dozen or so ACTUALITY LINES… then there are the more energized PROBABILITY LINES [quasi-3d realities], the POSSIBILITY LINES [ectoplasmic realities], and GHOST LINES [dream pools or used up possibility – probability – actuality lines… may become activated on an ectoplasmic level as collective human conscious energy focus breathes “life” into them.
    -Because of a lack of linear solidity the more energized lines may seem like dreamscapes without any major linear consistency. They may seem so simply because that is exactly what they ARE, astral dream pools where dreamers interact on a more collective unconscious level via psionic “long waves” as they descend into the deeper levels of consciousness during sleep.
    -But enough of this postulating. As I stated, several claim to have had interactions with the following parallel reality. The question would be, did time-agents go back into the past to CREATE or to PREVENT this nuclear attack in the fall of 1997? If you are one who desires to be part of a universe that you can put in a box and fully comprehend, then such discussions of a multi-faceted holographic reality may not be for you. I do not believe in infinite ACTUALITY lines as depicted in the SLIDERS series [SCI-FI channel] however I do suspect that if there are any multidimensional imperialistic parasites that could be equivalated to the “Cromags” in that series, it would be the DRACOS.
    -And Dracos are real and they bleed red blood.Ah!! And don’t hit a dracos without gloves on, because it hurts
    -The “reptilians” hate human kind with a passion. They only want to see humankind dead. The hatred these beings have towards humans is incredible and they will do anything to destroy the human.
    -The “Greys” are the slaves of the “Reptilians’. The “Greys” are the ones that carry out the abduction’s, implants and other task the “Reptilian” masters order them to do. I was told that the “Reptilians” rarely come out and are seen. They make their “Grey” slaves do all the work and all the visitation’s. But once in awhile a Reptilian will do some work that needs to be done with humans.
    – The “Reptilians” are human shaped and formed. But beyond that, they have a leathery type skin which appears as either snake like or scale like.
    -The Reptilians are dangerous. Held in captivity they will take every possible advantage to kill a human. the “Reptillian” is considered an extremely hateful and murderous being of humankind and will stop at nothing to kill humans.
    -The “Reptilian” beings may be the most dangerous and homicidal alien beings that are here on this world at the present time…
    -The reptilians are resident underneath the surface of the earth and that they intend to invade our surface world sometime in the future what they would do to us and our children when the “invasion” came.
    – The Reptoids about them living underground and their deep desire to kill humankind.
    *The larger Grays apparently have some vestigial reproductive capability, and some of the hybrid species that have been cross-bred with the [taller] reptilian species have full reproductive capability. The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, compared to 1300 cc for the average human. Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter, and the Grays have known technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any manner or pattern that they wish.
    *The Greys consume nourishment through a process of absorption through their skin. The process, according to abductees who have witnessed it, involved spreading a biological slurry mixture that has been mixed with hydrogen peroxide [which oxygenates the slurry and eliminates bacteria] onto their skin. Waste products are then excreted back through the skin. Many abductees have noted that the Greys have a distinct series of odors…
    *The larger Greys have a more pronounced nose… According to some government sources, these extraterrestrial biological entities called themselves the EBAN. It is with the larger Grays that elements of the government made a series of diplomatic agreements in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s…
    *The Greys are involved in the stockpiling of humans [including children] for use as a food source for the Reptilian species [and as a lesser food source for themselves?].
    * [Alien Life Form – ALF]: Term used by the government to describe the Greys in terms of being a malevolent life form.
    * The deal with the Greys is that their field around their body is different to ours to the point where merging of the fields ends up creating physical symptoms [the “body terror” mentioned by people like Whitley Strieber]. The field around them is in direct opposition to ours. It is an ANTI-LIFE field, as these specific species are on a devolutionary spiral. They are akin to soldiers of fortune, and ’offer’ their advanced technology in trade for things they require. They are experts at manipulation of both the human body [through manipulation of the fields] and the human mind. They require blood and other biological fluids to survive. They abduct humans and animals in order to acquire these fluids. They implant small devices near the brain which potentially gives them total control and monitoring capability. These devices are very difficult to detect. The analysis of the devices by technical staff has produced a description that involves use of crystalline technology combined with molecular circuitry and these ride on the resonant emissions of the brain and the various fields of the human. Information is entrained on the brain waves. It appears that all attempts to remove the implants [1972] have resulted in the death of the human…This is usually due in part to the fact that the implants are attached to major nerve centers, and once attached the nerve tissues grow in and around the implant essentially making the implant a PART of the nervous system. When relatively unsophisticated medical procedures are used in an attempt to remove the implants, major nerve centers are damaged as a result, causing severe injury or even death.
    *The Greys [ALF] ARE Between 3 to 3 1/2 feet in height, erect standing biped, small thin build, head larger than humans, absence of auditory lobes [external], absence of body hair, large tearshaped eyes [slanted approximately 35 degrees] which are opaque black with vertical slit pupils, arms resembling praying mantis [normal attitude] which reach to the knees, long hands with small palm, claw-like fingers [various number of digits – often two short digits and two long, but some species have three or four fingers], tough gray skin which is reptilian in texture, small feet with four small claw-like toes, organs that are similar to human organs but have obviously developed according to a different [mutational] process; a non-functioning digestive system; two separate brains; movement is deliberate, slow and precise; alien subsistence requires that they must have human blood and other biological substances to survive. Other indications suggest that originally they did not ’require’ human blood, but once having used human blood for this purpose they have since acquired a racial ’addiction’ to this ’vital’ substance. This goes far beyond just mere physical hunger, since the Grays/Reptiloids tend to feed off the human life-energies resident within human blood plasma, in what may be considered a vampirical type of hunger for human vital fluids.
    *In extreme circumstances they can subsist on other [cattle] animal fluids. Food is converted to energy by chlorophyll by a photosynthetic process [this supports results gained from autopsies at 29 Palms underground base where it was seen that their ’blood’ was greenish and the tissue was black]. Waste products are secreted through the skin. The two separate brains are separated by mid-cranial lateral bone [anterior and posterior brain]. There is no apparent connection between the two. Some autopsies have revealed a crystalline network which is thought to have a function in telepathic [and other] functions which help to maintain the group-consciousness between members of the same species. Functions of group consciousness in this species does have a disadvantage in that decisions in this species come rather slowly as the matter at hand filters through the group awareness to those who must make a decision…
    *There are several different kinds of both Greys and Reptilians.Both groups live on this planet or beneath its surface and in space. They have been here for a long time. The Greys are also ’working’ for Reptilians, relative to the abductee as an individual and to the human race as a whole. They have been used by the Reptilians as the middlemen, doing the work and exposing themselves to us on behalf of and instead of the Reptilians (although reptilian-based, the ’saurian’ Greys are less visibly so, which is why they have been chosen to interface with abductees.The Greys are consistently referred to as a mercenary force
    *Some Reptilians — eat [humans] like we eat chicken. In the United States, there are rumors of great, underground food-storage rooms full of preserved human bodies. Sometimes the rumor has it that the bodies are those of children. I asked the Greys why, if this was true, would it be children? I was told that it is not only children but also adults that Reptilians eat.Children are preferred because they are generally unpoisoned by substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other things adults are saturated with, as a group.
    *The Reptilians seem to have little regard for us as living beings. [They think that we are as ugly and repulsive to them as we ever portrayed them to be, and that we, the human race, are “as valuable as weeds.”] However, they do seem to consider some of us valuable property. One gets the feeling they will continue to USE us as they see fit, or, if we ever become a real problem as a group, they would sooner wipe us out than deal with it.    They do not fear us, considering themselves far superior to us by all comparisons. They supposedly consider the surface of this planet to be a poisonous, inhospitable environment and ’allow’ us to live here as lifestock.Since they live below the surface and in space. [We and our surface environment function as a physical buffer or living shield around their home underground.].
    *Some sources claim that many of the Greys and Reptiloids are moving en-mass to massive underground centers below major human cities for the sole purpose of having a “human shield” in order to protect themselves from earth-penetrating weapons which their ’enemies’ might decide to use against them. These ’enemies’ are various human worlds with common genetic ancestry that were colonized from the original Lyran/Solar Federation that has been at war with the Alpha Draconians for ages… i.e. humans from Zenatae Andromeda, Tau Ceti, Procyon, Taygeta Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Wolf 424, Bernards Star, and other colonial worlds, many of whom – as do the reptilians themselves — make the ’galactica’ type claim that planet earth was once the ancestral planet of genesis for their ’ancient astronauts’.
    *Socially and culturally, Greys and humans are VERY different. [They] fear us because they know we are potentially powerful beings. However, they insist that they ’own’ us: They say they created us -LIE! – and therefore have the right to do what they will with us. Beyond this original ’right’ to interfere with us, they say they have additionally earned the right through their control. Because they can control us on an individual and cultural basis both physically and mentally, they say they “own us”.These attitudes are PROPAGANDA. Their control over us in any capacity is ultimately very frail due to its very nature depends on us NOT KNOWING that we are being controlled. – Their control is based on intimidation and advanced technology. As we become more aware, we are harder to control, harder to lie to, harder to confuse. Our technology would definitely be competitive to their theirs if we had access to it. Much of the technology we would need to effectively overcome this situation exists now within the alien-manipulated military-industrial establishment which is part of the ’secret’ or ’corporate’ government technocracy .It just isn’t made available to the PUBLIC, for economic reasons, as well as “national security.”
    *DRACO= Their leader elite are the ’Draco’. They even have special ’wings’, which are flaps of skin, supported by long ribs. These can be folded back against the body. They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and their symbology usually includes the Winged Serpent. There are elements of their species which do not have wings — the “soldier class” of the species and ’scientists’. They are all “cold blooded” and have to have a balanced environment to maintain body temperature. The “soldier class” of the species can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to ambush their enemy. If need be they can survive on one very large meal ever few weeks or even once a year [when hibernating or in suspended animation].As a species, they are well suited for space travel due to their ability to hibernate. These reptoids have scales which protect them from moisture loss. They have no sweat glands. The scales [scutes] are much larger on their backs, making the skin waterproof. The scales elsewhere on the body are more flexible. They have three fingers with an opposing thumb. The eyes are catlike and large. They have twin nostrils at the end of a short stubby muzzle. They are mostly meat-eaters.The mouth is more like a slit [lipless], but they have teeth which are differentiated into incisors, canines, and molars. They average from 6 to 7 feet in height. The Reptilian [amphibian] humanoids have been interacting with Earth for ages. Many contactees and abductees repeatedly describe an insignia of a Flying Serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion or a helmet. The Serpent Race lives under the ground.
    *THE GREYS=The Reptilian species directs the efforts of the worker class, which are about 4 feettall. These are currently referred to as Greys or EBE’s, and are the largest category likely to be encountered by surface humans.These beings [the Greys] operate very efficiently in the dark. Their eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate. The normal heart rate for a Grey is above that of a human. The skin seems to have a metallic content and an unusual cobalt pigmentation. Many have no external sex organs. Some have been bred to have them.
    **Most reptiloids that have been encountered have been described as having no exterior sex organs, however on a few occasions reptiloids HAVE been described as having external sex organs. In nearly EVERY case that I have heard of where ’these’ reptiloids were encountered, the abductee was a female human who was forcibly ’raped’ by the reptilian within an underground base or even within their own homes during the abduction-encounter.
    **One variety of Reptilian crossbreed is particularly negative and dangerous. This variety, who work with the Draco, do not ’eat’ in the same way humans do. These hive-like beings use synthetically produced substances, mixed with blood. Thus slurry is sometimes mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria and viruses. They may also be feeding off the “life essence energy” of the substances. They also seem to ’feed’ off nuclear energy, and have manipulated humans into developing sources of nuclear power that emit radiation. Nuclear methods involved use of neutrons to create radiation. Methods that use positrons emit no radiation.
    **The ’Greys’ [the short, “Big Heads”] are mercenaries. They interface with humans in “Secret Societies” and within the Military/Governmental Complex. An interconnected ’WEB’ manipulates the surface Earth cultures.
    **COMMAND PROGRESSION:  DRACO [Winged Reptilian] –>DRACO [Non-Winged — white, brown, green skinned, etc.] –> Greys –> Humans [collaborators]..
    -In general, there are three kinds of Greys:  • the Reticulans, who are about 4.5 feet tall those from Bellatrix [in the Orion system] that are about 3.5 feet tall • another species of Orion Rigelian.Greys that range in height from 6 to 9 feet tall..The planetoid that is entering our solar system at this time [it will be here in the coming years] has been written up in several major newspapers, and it has been determined that it is being intelligently guided and that it emanates a large variety of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum [which indicates that it is occupied and has a technical culture].
    -Through analysis of many cases, it would appear that the tall Greys have one base near the Aleutian Islands. The taller Greys seem to have overall influence over the Reticulans and also over the Bellatrix (in Orion, where reptilian-insectoid genetic hybrid ’mercenaries’ reside according to some sources – Branton) species. The influence over humans seems tocenter around implantation of human political figures and those in control of planetary power groups. You will recall that ’mutilations’ generally result in all of the blood being withdrawn from the body. This has been the case whether the subject is an ’animal’ or a human. The blood and other fluids are then generally transferred to holding containers, or vats, [along with] other body parts.
    -There are many many reports of humans in various situations and scenarios having come in contact with aliens, or have been in caves or caverns with aliens, and having seen canisters or vats in which animal [or human] parts were floating, and in which a purple-red fluid was present as a substance in which to suspend all the [organic] materials.
    -There was one case where a woman and her two children were abducted by the entities from BELLATRIX — the entities referred to as ’SM’s’ ,”Snake Men” in THE CASE FOR THE UFO, by M. K. Jessup and annotated by Carlos Allende and ’friends’ — and she would not cooperate with them when they had her on board their ship. Their reply to this lack of cooperation was very direct – they killed both of her children. She managed to run down a hallway and went into a room where she saw a vat full of red liquid and body parts of humans and animals. She saw another vat of the same type in which the liquid was being agitated, and as she looked into the vat she could see Greys bobbing up and down, almost swimming, absorbing the nutrients through their skin.    There is also the use of H2O2 [water molecules with an extra oxygen atom added] in the vats in order to aid in preserving the fluid from rapid degeneration. These entities have been abducting humans for many centuries — these entities view Earth as a big farm, and have been essentially raising and harvesting humans and apparently abduct humans to take them back to their home planet to raise there in a kind of human husbandry [or livestock] scenario.
    -There are indications that the ritual of the Eucharist is a reflection of earlier rituals where aliens were eating off the bodies of humans or feeding off their energies. The phrase “food of the gods” takes on new meaning when these factors are understood. The true “nectar of the gods” which the aliens involved seem to prize most is a substance that is taken from freshly killed humans. This substance is generated at the moment of death by the strong surge of adrenaline. This surge of adrenaline through the body accumulates at the base of the brain [the brain stem] and some aliens thrive on this substance as though it were some kind of ultimate drug for their particular species. This substance is most potent in HUMAN CHILDREN.
    -In the Draco system there are other types of entities which have visited the Earth in the past. These entities were described by John Keel in his book THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, released in the 1970’s. The Draco are about 8 feet tall and have winged appendages coming out of their shoulders, dark scaly skin, and have glowing red eyes. They have the ability to fly and usually operate at night. These entities, as well as the elite of the other Reptilian species [that also have winged appendages] were the source for some of the legends of the past relating to gargoyles and Valkyries. It is also apparent that some of the qualities ascribed to vampires have also been taken from these creatures.
    -Interjection: These ’elite’ reptilians have gone by many names:  Gargoyles -Mothmen –Birdmen-Winged Draco-Winged Serpents-Ciakars, etc.
    -One such creature that had literally tortured one female abductee — who was taken to a multi-leveled underground system below camp Hero at Montauk Point, Long Island -was described as follows. I will provide only the description of the creature itself, an alien that she encountered inside the base which is said to be maintained by European and American ’Nazis’ working under the Bavarian Thule Society. However I will not release any personal details about this woman in honor of her wishes to keep the overall details of the abduction confidential:
    – What I see is a creature about 6-7 ft tall…his ears are large and pointed at the top. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He has pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and he has a TAIL! He’s coming towards me… I have never been so scared in my life. He comes to the foot of the table. He pulls off my shorts and bathing suit bottom… he pushes my legs open and pulls me down towards him. His face is so close to mine… I want to scream, but it’s only in my head. I hear a raspy sound coming from him. He puts something inside me and I feel like I’m being ripped apart. He likes to see how terrified I am… it gives him a lot of pleasure. It hurts so much… I have to get away in my head to someplace afe… I go…”  More details on the ’Montauk’ reptilian: “Frame: very tall…closer to 7’ than 6’… well-proportioned…except shoulders were very broad in comparison to waist…well-muscled torso and legs…I see some kind of appendage that reminds me of ’wings’ protruding from behind the shoulders…there is what seems to be a ’tail’ extending from the back…the diameter of the tail would approximate 3”-5″…I do not see his feet…and cannot recall a penis…I have a feeling that my mind is ot allowing me to see this because of the trauma associated with it.  “Skin/Textures: the color of the skin is a gray-green… dark… somewhat ’oily’ but with the feeling of ’scales’…. the odor he emits is putrid… he is not wearing any clothing, but there is something on his chest that reminds me of ’armor’ but it seems to be a natural protection and not a material addition. Face and Head: the size of the head is in proportion to the body… there is no hair… there is a large ridge or flap of skin on the forehead just above the eyes, extending across the brow… the eyes are yellow-gold and ’glow’… slightly almond-shaped with the pupils vertical slits… the nose and mouth protrude slightly giving the appearance of “snout-like”… the teeth are pointy… the ears are over-sized in proportion to the head and the tips extend above the head and come to a point.”
    -Average Height: Male – 2.0 Meters; Female – 1.4 Meters  / Average Weight: M – 200 Kilos; F – 100 Kilos  /Body Temperature: M – Ambient Temperature; F – Ambient Temperature  / Pulse/Resperation: M – 40/10; F – 40/10  / Blood Pressure: M – 80/50; F – 80/50  / Life Expectancy: M – 60 Earth Years; F – 23 Earth Years./Dracos (winged) :M-2500 Earth years;F-2000 Earth Years
    -Cold-blooded like all reptiles, the Reptiloid is found to flourish in a warm, tropical clime [normally artificial… big caves]. With imperfect respiration providing just enough oxygen to supply tissues and maintain the processing of food and combustion, their temperature can be raised only a few degrees above the ambient [this suggests that ’heat’ weapons, like flame-throwers and so on, may prove to be very effective and fatal to this species under battle conditions]. The reproductive system is ovouniparous, with eggs hatching in the oviduct prior to birth.    The underdeveloped Reptiloid [for faster activities, physical activities] cerebellus results in a slowness and simpler city of movement. The Reptiloid eye is composed of thousands of microscopic facets, each facet with its own independent protective lid. The eye is almost never closed entirely during waking hours; rather, sections of the organ are shut down in conjunction with the dominant light source. The reptiloids survived ’hidden’ inside the Earth [within] Big Caves Underground.
    -Typically, these reptilian creatures are reported to be about six to seven feet tall, upright, with lizardlike scales, greenish to brownish in color with clawlike, four-fingered webbed hands…. Their faces are said to be a cross between a human and a snake, with a central ridge coming down from the top of the head to the snout. Adding to their serpentlike appearance are their eyes which have vertical slits in their pupils and golden irises. Perhaps the most frightening and most controversial part of these stories are claims that the creatures occasionally are reported to have sex with abductees.’
    -…The parahuman Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America.
    -…In some parts of the world the Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of the superintelligence. This led to the formation of pagan religions centered around human sacrifices. The conflict, so far as man himself was concerned, became one of religions and races. Whole civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in Asia, Africa, and South America. The battleground had been chosen, and the mode of conflict had been decided upon.
    -The human race would supply the pawns. The mode of control was complicated as usual. Human beings were largely free of direct control. Each individual HAD TO CONSCIOUSLY COMMIT HIMSELF TO ONE OF THE OPPOSING FORCES…
    -The main battle was for what was to become known as the human soul.
    -Once an individual had committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his subconscious mind.
    -The Serpent People or Omega Group, attacked man in various ways, trying to rid the planet of him. But the superintelligence was still able to look over man… God worked out new ways of communication and control, always in conflict with the Serpent People.
    We need action, meditated action” Healthy Center Epsylon Galaxy-H.C.E.G.
    -When the soldiers collide!!!.
    -Insekt troops closing target!!!.
    -We need all their fire power,our landbeetle-tanks are returning base!!.All Draco and Maitre starships are closing main volcanos,we don´t know what´s going on…Please we accept nay kinda help from Control Central Commnad.
    -Xenomind: Here Epsylon Central Command operating base!! ( Healthy Center Epsylon Galaxy-H.C.E.G. at somewhere South America).We are serving dofferent masters, we must focus,The Resistance goes on,Xenomind will win!!!!.
    The flux of the war was spreading everywhere at SouthAmerica, the most crowded populations were sent to the forest and free territories, where they met indigenous tribes, at the command of Hybrid Troops ,Grenade Commander was sitting off a Payató Village thinking the next modular steps.
    -Brasil is our land but all America is involved,litle independent groups are operating at the USA introducing a new kind of war,the infiltration at underground bases, stealing high tech from Greys and tube transports in a single day they´ll be here.
    -I hope so!!!,for the benefot of the rest of the whole humanity,I wait for this!!-Said The Commander hitting the Amazona´s river with a single stone.-Now I know, what we must do!!!..hehe!! Follow me!!! How didn´t think it before?..aha!!
    At all screens an image captured their looks: thousands of Hu-Bri,reptoids were blowing flights,airports,buildings at main capitals at Spain, Synthetic humans wre captived by implants and fighting with grey starships at Valencia,Toledo,Madrid,Granada,Barcelona,Bilbao,Donostia.. Thousands and thousands of victims fill the news in all world mainstream media,from underground Spanish bases greys into mechanical artrpods were slaving children and women for reproduction..Soon the “Spanish invasion” will be in all the world, London was the next.Moskau,Paris and Roma…New York and New Jersy were the first cities victims of the Reptilian invasion,while our human troops were saking for news at Mojave desert,all human slaves at Dulce Base and the rest of Bases were free and join the tropps of The Resistance,the Xenomind make the Call,this will be the last war,the last battle for human freedom in all whole universe.. To join their human brothers and sisters  millions of mother ships targeted Earth Planet in all their flying screens,the moment has arrived!!. From Pleyades,Arturus,Epsylon Eridani..From all sectors of the universe was set on action..And Commander Grenade smiled,he knew it will happen,and the moment to make his plans real arrived.:
    -Ismael,we need Ismael at Porto Alegre and his friend..Whats his name..?
    -That´s it they are the most important scientifics about reptilian shapeshifting and to hunt these “rep-phantoms”.We need all help we can take.
    -We are calling, Commander!!!.
    -Good!!.I´ll be at River learning about boats..Please tell me when the insekts be with us at this time,we need them more than ever.
    -What about you, Raf?
    -I´m here reading somethings..
    -I want to ask one thing,that move me around some time
    -You´re free!,go on!!.
    -I want to ask you about pain,my mother has some little because she thinks she´s old.
    -Well,there´s so much literature about this, I only can tell one thing, pain doesn´t exist,is a thought answer.
    -How?Pain is real, physical pain is true!!.
    -Not really!.Think about this, all our moments when we live in a time or ina plae that is uncomfortable for us you feel sick,all right? Is a natural answeer to an aggression.
    -Let me tell you..So, we can see that we are under an evilo attack by evil forces because they force the nature force lines,all our planet and all our unioverse is full of lines of force or forcefileds,there are someplaces that are considered sacred nor by religious or cult reasons but another reason : They are natural or supernatural,and they are full of natrue´s energy what Wilheim reich called “Orgon”.Anyway,some people feel inside as an alarm when is infront evil forces because that person feels insecure or ill or sick or like your mother does at this moment “Old” but that´s not real,she´s operating under some evil fore line to take her wealth out.But the best she can do is take walks and find places where she feels alive and healthy,and on and on, she will be conscient of a primordial universal principal, that human beings can change all these inner environmental and landscapes fighting against these invisible but real psiquic attacks by reptilian forces and greys to get human being at an under their command, so in that war they try to take our energy out, but if you are connected to the source that´s impossible,and they can see you,and not find you…Wilhem Reich invented a weapon against grey´s spaceships by this orgon and could destry some of them,that´s the reason he was fired and put on the jail til his death,and all his books burned.
    -Its amazing,keep on!!!.And what can say to my mother?.
    -Well, tell her abour orgon and about W.Reich and is very important she finds a place where she can be totally fine all the time, in this place full her of good energy or energy from The Source she´ll know it .
    -Nothing else?.
    -Nothig else,and she must not mention this place to anyone,never,ok?This is very important.
    -Ok!,I got it.What else?.
    -There are so mnay things,but the main part is this, we are dealing with very precise forces,very subtile forces and we must be more subtiles…What all the people say is old is a lie, years are not the same thing  that to get older or feel older,they are reptilian psiquic attacks (R.P.A.) or reptilian energetic attacks (R.E.A.) ,be carefull with this, and get into your memory this: we are eternal souls in a eternal journey,all is a mind state…Of course we get older and we die but i´m telling you about other kinda of things that´s not what you were asking me, a natural process ,don´t you? And i´ve watch that you needed these same words for some reason,remember what we are talking about is a un-natural process,nor a normal process,and all this is very similar at HAARP weapons as they attacked Nepal some weeks ago and many similar things, they get into our minds these “death-older” feelings with machines or by another kind of “people” or reptilians-hu-brids that as a multi-disfunctional system, as a net, but there perwsons, people, places and words and books that are away form this way of control as last words, take them with you,and your readers too.And all this is out all religions dogmas, ideology, tabus and all this stuff…ufa!!!.The creator, The Source is all Good all the time,do you understand?.It´s like my Modular Epsylon Galaxy Center.
    -Yes,I see all the “panorama”.
    -Yes, you got it ,so share it…hehe!!!
    -I think they need us,we must go to my house, I want to show you something.
    -Ok!,Let´s go!!.
    At Rafael´s:
    -Ok!Tell me ,Rafael,what´s going on?.
    -I can call the Butterfly Queen.
    -You don´t make traps..hehe!!!.The Butterfly Queen?.
    -Is a neural call,the humans are connected with insekts thousands and thousands of million years ago, when all both were at Lyra constellation.
    -How do you know all that?.
    – I can feel it, It´s an ancestral calling, it ecocoes inside of me…Do you know General Tyknos Synus?
    -He´s the Supreme Commander General of all Insekt Federation of Planets,Insekt Armies.
    -You´re insane,c´mon!!!.
    -No,he exists!,is real!!!,Believe me,many things are going to happen..i can smell it in the wind..
    -Hahhha!!..ok!!.Tyknos Synus…hahaha!!!.
    “Not only structures but some personalities cross the barrier of all dimensions, believings and worlds, and He demonstrates His Height at The Lyran Wars,He saved Human Race for some reason, an Insekt.”
    -We know a sect inside Sahara Desert whose main character is a scorpion,they are hidding for centuries ,some say millions of years have been but cleared its presence early XXI Century once again.They use women as messengers and protect some kinda of power.
    -Dark Powers?
    -Maybe, maybe not,sometimes some powers are benefit but must be dressed as darkness not to be injured or involved in,they have been hunted by reptilians maybe since the begginings of the Lyran Wars at some place in time beetween 10 and 20 million years,and so on…They are known among the beduins as “The Hide people´s Mother”.No one knows where they really are,or who are under their mask,many veils…
    -If they fight against reptilians they´re our friends,and we must connect with them.
    -When I was at Marraquech at Jamal Af´na Square a young girl drew on my left hand a “henna” scorpion.Days later after this I discovered the insekt cosmic people at a Ouarzazat´s ritual.All is connected.
    -I see, well, you got it,come with me,we have to talk something,i´m thirsty,and hungry.
    -I invite you to kebab´s ,I know a turkish place near,very close to here.
    -I´m sure il will feed our minds,souls and harvested bodies-said Rafael.
    -Synus,Tynos? I think he ressurected in another body into you..hehe!!!.Is all that possible?.
    -Nothing´s impossible!,Maybe i´mhere for something greater than my own….hehe!!!.
    -Do you think it ever ends?…hehe!!!.
    -An Alien conscience has taking the control on our planet and you´re doing those stupids insekt books.
    -Laughing sense,buddy!!!.hua!!!.
    -C-O-N-T-R-O-L ¡!! Buddy..helpppp!!!!….

    “Tanambi (Butterfly at Guaranie language) Marcos changed the Revolution´s concept.Paradigm´s breaking point (Thomas Kuhn), critics on Hegemonicals.Capitalism steps from Mrax´Theory are stagnants and dependent,critics a systematization of Revoilution (Cuba/Venezuela).Monsanto= Apropiation not production sets but production itself= cultural genocyde through Capatalism/marxism? In Lakesh! (I´m another yourself!-Mayan salutation).”
    The Dragonfly-Wings-Insekt Prescience”page 166 (original Spanish “Las Alas de la Libélula-Presciencia insekto” Ed Amazon 2014
    [1] This same word.
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