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Publicado: 22 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria


This a strange UFO seen beetween Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina at 2013, ,it lokked out as a biological entity with a litle and shining tail.
Today 25 05 2015 cal greg is my father´s birthday,my mother is coming at spain by flight form porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Brasil, and a Vulcano has coming into eruption at Chile, with hot ashes at Argentina,Chile and Brasil..and a bid earthquake at Nepal with 7,8 and 800 deaths and avalanche at Everest and India and Bangladesh..HAARP`s attacks?.And my encounter my myself at POA at the center of the city once again, at the deepest levels of the human soul or the darkests and that´s my happiest life,this week a with my mother here..huahauhau!!!!.And exogenetics..thank you mother for your strength and courage…hehe!!!.
-I see very interesting this metaphor beetween old sumerian gods and all this genetical metalurgical-alien-technologies stuff, with many ,but all alien races linked in this, and with this new-ancestral tecnology mid upon biological and metalurgical-ancestral,is all this possible?. From sumerian languages we can complete all our cosmic vision on our own history,as race and into the future,can we see our own future as a free race and autonomous people without all this information? I don´t believe we are a biological experiment by these Gina´abul or reptoids, i think we were very close in the past, genetically too,both races, but now we are very different from them and they want we believe we were a kingú-Gina´Abul biological experiment and they dont want we know our Lyra´s ancestors…And we must link these knowledges with african idioms and we must link all of them at our work if we want to understand all the scenario.
-1:08:05 Autechre Tri Repetae.
-What?.Can we be genetically humans but we have a reptoid programing?.
-The power of the femenine.
-Mother! I´m not enough good ,but a single word from you will save me….hehe!!!!. Emerith laugh in a loud voice and she looked at me with a total shining smile .:
-.I told you!!! I love you!!!…hehe!!!.
-Chinese Army  has now (2015) two military bases at Patagonia-Argentina and Chile.
-Human race has the power to take all this they have with all theses biological-neo-anestral tecnologies and the others form millions millions years ago and more with the only power within our souls,we have the keys to theses realms without technology,we have inherent into our brains.
-“I am Ra, which time begun.I am the center of the wheel,a star that cover infinite sea.Im not the harvest : i am the seed.I am not the Lire; i am the song.I wont die” Translation fromThe Egiptian Book of the Dead
-…But this story shall also be told…hehe!!!
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