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Publicado: 22 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
EPSI-CODE 10:”Do you Fancy me?”:
EPSI-CODE 15:”Starrings=feelings”: “THE GHOST EPISODE”:
-Which is the way of Liberation?
-To break all religious tabous,rules.
-That´s written at “The Knowledge Book”!.
-It´s true!!!,is a part-way of learning.
-It´s like “13moons” movement.
-Yeah!,it turns a religion!…hehe!!!.
-Yeah!!!.Weird and it was a part of a programation inside NWO.
Drawings about “The Watchers of the Stars” at the Argelian Sahara desert,Tassili.
EPSI-COdE 16:”Forever we will be into infinity”:
-There´s a thing i must tell you.
-Tell me ,Matrax.There where you are there´s two intraterrestrial cities,one of them has a “being” a worm-dragon many million years old.
-And there´s another citie with intraterrestrial being have been fighting against this being since many million years ago.Your mission will be to destroy this being.
-His gravity has concentrated many negative powers around it that venerates it as a god,he has 500 mts!!!.
-Its a big worm,as at “Dune?.
-But i´m not a savior, i don´t know how to destroy it.
-Yes, you know…hehe!!!.You have been atracted there for this, this is your mission,now you know.
-I understand.And the other beings,are humans?
-Not exactly,but they help you beteer than humans,it´s not an easy task…hehe!!.
-Do you believe these beings trapped in these caves have spiritual powers?.
-There´s a real spiritual war dealing in all your planet.Imagine a being, a reptoid being that can live up on 5000 years with 500 mts long,and it´s inteligent,smart,amd it concentrates so much power ,negative power that can penetrate minds of “less developed” human race has brought to create a culta round it,as a god into the underground hellbounds,a being with so mnay resources that can make anti-gravity fields,teleportation through space and time,and it´s sure it does!.How could this being not control minds and do them believe it´s a kind of eternal “god”can share these sources of mind and spiritual control?.And this being couldn´t make an army of non-spiritual beings at its side as the Greys to do the “dirty” tasks as criminal infestation at human societies, and castle mutilation? And can do many beings venerate it and generate psionic-unconscious web where they only obey all its commands? Do you believe is it not a spiritual power? Really?.
-I see you are very concerned with this.
-I want they burn out this solar system…hehe!!!
-I understand now!!!.And do you want i do this?.
-Ok!.I´ll try,but i´ll need your help,your real help!.
-No doubt!.
-All real prophets have learned technics to attack the influentail flows of these beings.Thay konw their existence underground by thousands and thousands of years and have learned  the only way to destroy them is to attack their spiritul tools by a bigger positivity.
-I really see.So all religions since 3000 years ago have been na answer to these beings and their tools.As St. George against the dragon!!!.
-And many many spiritual warriors thay always have talked about caves and the underground world.But people believed it was a metaphor…
-It cahnges all the modern situation about religions,politics,philosophy,everything,eh?.
-Yes,for sure!!!.Our life in this planet and others…hehe!!!.
-In the universe there are two fundamental factors: techological and spiritual,and what´s the source of all of them?Weel, that´s the question,they can come from the source or not.What they don´t come form the source they are imitative powers and use technological and phisical foundations for those spiritual powers,i mean, they are not really spiritual and their technologies are really meaningless because this suposittion.Many alien peoples use technologies because they didn´t have any spiritual power.
-So,human race has both, technological and spiritual within,in its neural furniture,in your neural architecture.and your powers come directly from the source to you and you are at any of both cases.Human race is the exception of the universe,the main possibilities are in you.So,you are learning to grow them up!.Its your moment.
-The question is what is God?.That´s the question
-So,is it a hunting?.
-Very fun, Matrax!!!.And Nicolas Tesla?
-He is in your frecuency now but the time when you will work together has not arrived yet.
He is a golden warrior, an entity with the size of your biggest prophets but he was missed as            Wilhem Reich but in two hundred years in your world will be the leaders.
-The Leaders?.
-They will come back to keep watching over humanity and you´ll recognise them..hehe!!.This will be a reality i can´t describe to you.Nicolas is watching you and he is very happy,you are working together, he is a golden knight,and you´ll recognise him very soon.
-Thank you, Matrax!! I m not sure i can take this task.
-Yes,you can,you´ll be!!..haha!!!.For the last 20 years we have been very familiar with punishment ( without to konw by the NWO) that we can see normal loos more sferes of outside power, so they have been restricting us each time to more domestic sferes, and when they can´t do this directly on the main part of population, it happens a financial or economical crisis becuase people can´t imagine they cant take more power than or expnd their sferes (influential sferes at work,street,social…).At more economic developed ages we go to a certain fragmentation of life.And it keeps on growing last 25 years since 1991.When you will wake up?
And the few are waken are imprisoned,murdered…
-…All is love.. Emerith!!!.
-All is love!!!.hehe!!!.Fight for her!!!.

EPSI-CODE 17:” Kwak”:
Who´s that Zen  monk that appears at Stargate´s film?
New Montauk´s Chair design or The Kaingang´s Chair.
-Zero Time Nucleus is the genesis of our universe.
-What you mean?.
-Genesis of each universe is its respective zero time Nucleus.There no time exists,because of this is zero time.
-Zero Time Nucleus is the genesis of our universe.
-What you mean?.
-Genesis of each universe is its respective zero time Nucleus.There no time exists,because of this is zero time.
-6037 D C…a statue of a  horse with technological stuff at its base…hehe!!!.
-Today situation about world needs perplexity and reflexion at same levels to get better as species .If at past there were intraterrestrials ,originarious peoples that do Atlantis destruction,but they are now the orb protectors,and Lemurians and their white/black race ancestors ,this is the reason because is so important to heal all the past hurts,to forgive some and to give support to everybody because we all are brothers.
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