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Publicado: 8 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
-I´m worried,darling!,this Strasbourg bussiness.
-You must forget this!,look your situation, Spain doesn´t want to give you a passport!!.
-You know there are political affairs inside..
-I know,many authorities at Valencia are involved..
-Yeah!!,Judges,police men, lawyers,penitenciary directors..
-As Miguel Ángel Martin.
-Yes,he is,and i denounced all corruption about penitenciary funcionaries,women,they were suffering bullying,sexual abuse by their bosses, and i knew this, but they try to make guilty to me!,and i denounce to Strasbourg Law Court of Human Rights,and they get me free…Do you understand?.
-Yes, they forgot this,but i don´t understand..
-Well, they don´t want to send me my passport without to get me in prison…
-Is easy,the thing” is still alive!!!.
-But we are at 2015,it was at 2010!!!.
-Yeah! You´re right!,but..
-Tell me,what?.
-“Podemos”,Pablo Iglesias gets his place  at Europe Parlament at this exactly moment.
-He knew about all this explosive bussines i was doing,as all in europe,but he silenced this.
-So he is already inside all this corruption too!!!.
-What you mean?.He is part of the system.
-His work was to locate dangerous people, or revolutionary and stop them,that´s his job.And now he is into the System selling people to the system without talking about he said to Maduro to kill 43 students at Venezuela as we know by CEPS bussines.All is involved,”marxist” countries and capitalistics countries are both sides of the same business.NWO is all around the planet.Iran,Korea..All are in the same NWO.
-Oh! That´s too hot, can´t believe it!we could be in danger.
-And “Podemos” is in contact with PP,Gonzalez says he seems “Aznar”,he knew why he said this.They meet one with each other,how spanish people doesn´t see this?.
-Do you have any “weapon” ,any evidence about this?.
-Yes! A code.
-A single code?.
-A single code,i was waiting this moment they have won Madrid and Barcelona cities by their command to begin with my operation.
-From this code?.
-Yeah!,we link exactly who wants i was in prison,who wants i was out my country and who is now trying to get the power in all whole Spain.
-I understand,you were really waiting the right moment.
-Ok!,You got it!!…hehe!!!.And all is involved with the Greys and Reptilians directly,but this is Exocosmobiology,later we´ll do Exopolitics…hehe!!!.
-You´re insane,darling!.You believe at Annunaki´s theory,they interact with the Earth and created human race also.
-They were 200, and cohabited with the women of the earth,and were punished by their superiors,the Elohim.
-But they were clones?
-No, they were originals, greys create synthetic humans or hybrids,reptilians with humans,and with greys and so on, they steal the souls of abductees and put them into boxes,with some kind of technology and let them time they want, that´s the reason religions warn us to pray and keep our soul,because there are some millenia ago these technologies exist, the religions describe these techs as Hell or demons…but it´s a real placea and real beings undergorund our planet and others..And now..
-And now angels and demons are here with us to fight just one against each other for the children´s souls.
-It´s not possible,i can´t believe this.
-I f you have doubts,search for another way,or stop for yourself, take deep breath and relax.You can´t accept this without hesitation,you must confirm for yourself.Study and verify all informations,but remember the secret of all things is passion.Any religion or discipline that gets away man and God has succes to turn man back outwars,away his passion.To be afraid of God is to get frighten and passion´s sacrificed…!Be carefulll! It´s not the way.The secret of all things is passion,your passion,we musn´t never forget the fundamental  importance of inner being and phisical body.If psiquicals can talk with the dead,why can they talk with is going to get born?.Everyone of us is the universe knowledge,the ancestral wisdom,waiting we look for them (first look inside, hope at your own passion a then all things will be reveal.Free your energy,but if you surrender your passion you loss controla ns you are eaten by the no-passion beings (reptilians,greys,hu-brids,synthetic humans…).
-And what can we do?.
-Gets dominion of this force, under your control,and you won´t be controlled,the Universe is yours.Gets under your own control Ineer Spirit and you will domain the Phisical.If you din´t trust at yourself,we´ll renounce to our passion to killer sharks.You have a task,the task is you, to be YOU,you are the passion.
-There are so many things to learn…
-From your own,from yourself. Alien films,tv programs,magazines and animated cartoon for children represent extraterrestrials as human kind benefactors (Aliens are good!).When you put an end to these programs ,dependent people will work at  criminal tasks.
-So, it´s politics.
-Some call this Exopolitics,i call it Exocosmobiology. Down classes destruction by drugs.Create fear in the population to terrorism and criminals in the streets,will splash gun´s control.Induced by drugs people and hypnose will kill random,frightening population and asking goverments to get involved.This is also known as New World Order or NWO.There´s a government program called Orion was created by this goal,precissely,and they don´t know this.A recent study reveals that most of these random killers have been treaten with Prozac.Abductions by aliens and the secret government góes on,and implants research.There has been reported that one of forty human beings have been implanted.When they gets the signal,the commands,they will answer with this programation against his own willpower.
-So Religions were created to program human beings,to transform us in our worst enemies.
-That´s it!.Fatima´s prophecy and some other related wittnessing,crucifiction and burning tree are all lies done for men and women to give our planet and our passion to Greys and the Reptilians´s sons.When you are afraid or you are confused,man´s passion gets weak and thick.
-So if you lose your passion…
-Philadelphia experiment and Phoenix Endeavour and Montauk later they amplified brain waves,in fact, they amplified subject´s passion.It was inner wish what was developed.This inner spirit inside of all of us,that machinery is shown at electric energy.And all those electric energies are at some places,places of a great power,as Stonehenge and The Sphinx,and others at those bands ( paralels in equatorial bands) and that´s where Nicolas Tesla had his real and main work.With the help of the Greys they had success to develop a mind amplifier.Under drugs influence,psiquics,people with mind abilities beyond usual ratio were connected to those machines and made phisical forms.The experiments were a success.
-I got it,but i feel a loss of a wide vision besides normal,you see, another scope from what we can really see whole field.
-Another scope? A wider vision?ok,we can see how president John Kennedy discovers black budgets,drugs dealing and the Alien´s existence.Kennedy gives an ultimatum to MJ-12,the secret government agency,to cease or desist or he was going to reveal to public he has discover them.11/22/1963,John F. kennedy is killed at Dallas,Texas,by a Secret Government command.
-We are in an epic moment, peak moment of humanity,this book is epic too.
-Thank you!!,it´s all for you!!,all of you,humanity is its own answer,it´s own search,WE ARE THE ANSWER.I DEDICATE THIS EP TO MY MOTHER…HEHE!!!.
-Al-Manouk says.
-We are the universe,the universe are us.

-_isee you and i can´t believe all those things,and opression,and injustice?
-_i tell you, all those “miracle-men-prophets-surrelistic” as Alejandro Jodorowsky and all this surrealistec shit are lyers,they still grow up their money-ratio while many future random-psicopathic-killers before prozac_users_dealers go into action by molecular-metalic-grey-machinery-compounds or implants.They are the last chance of capitalism to take advantages to The Resistance…They are are worst enemies,one of them…huahuhau!!!.
-_yes, but i read “The reality dance” and i like this book.
-_you´re free, i want some good ideas from Jodorowsky but the nucleus is same thing+ Trash!!!.Ciao Love, i´m going to Library to meet H.G.Wells…sorry H.G.Weels!!!…huahuahu!!!.
-_yes,..haha! or something like that.
Into the future ina nano-miliseconds catartical H.G.Wells and Romeo were taking a cup of heroic the:
-_yes, we are plural beings.
-_i am the others,the others are me,In Lakesh!.
-_i tell you,i´ve seen many strange things…At a parallel Universe i saw a dictatorship torturing a member of The Resistance,he cut out his right arm,then his left arm,then his right leg,later his rleft leg and finally his head,in that moment he sqeezed his head from the neck slowlly,dammned psicopathical and he shows his pleasure to do this..
-_what are we facing at?.
-_the Resistance is Love, you must choose,your life or your love´s life,your Julieta.And i think you have made your decission, you arre at her side ,and you´ll be forever, this is a brave decission,but is logical,you are saving to yourself,when you try to save her you are really saving your own life,you´ll see when time pass by.
-_how you know that? Are you really H.G.Wells, and not H.G.Weels?
And in that precissely moment a voice in off declares:
“_you are ALREADY at Mental universe 10300,you are our best Talisman, there willt be no compassion.we are Redan a mental race that lives beetween your dreams human, but we really exist,look we are going to show you a conversation beetween Nicolas Tesla and Mark twain about Art,Enjoy it!.who´s stronger and can resist?…hehe!!!”.

“_why they tell you u can´t put metal at the microwaves? I put a wish in a paper..
-That´s because they don´t want we konw microwaves is a channel with other inteligences in the cosmos,and they want we are afraid of use it at all its possibilities.
-…so, why microwaves..and i made my statement,and i put in contact.My microwaves is a cosmic channel!!..hehe!!!.
-_why not?.There are living spaceships,biometal ships,spaceships with soul,as beings like reptoid synthetic robot or the mesiah of the planets, planets with conscience,and this planet will light the  rest of the other planets,whole universe”.
_there no exists other kind of art than Nature´s Art and all is a symplification from him (it).No one, No-Thing can shape the shapes of nature and no man can wide the posiibilities of the widest nature.These things are not possible in a world with time and measure as we live in now.We break these laws to shape real laws,not to adjust AT Entrophy or Chaos media,said Nicolas Tesla.
-_we can adjust and shape-shifting to times out human nature.Showing reptoids shape-shifting,in its own “terror” field.There´s my science,assuming the role of real shape-shifters.That´s the nature of human Destiny.In many countries at South America there exists a real ritualization of coletive murders,so,the mesasure of needed blood to get all Brasilian reptilians´ apetites are so many they did laws to get easier killing,but no one knows is these are by  their biological needings from multidimensional entities,as the Gods as Aztecs said,for instance with more than 20000 victims in two days at Teotihuacan, or reptilians as at David Icke case,or the Hecatombs at Jews rites as the Bible said.The cuestion is “animalize” man so he doesn´t gets at his maximum potential or level…hehe!!!.
-_talking about other things,Basically Art is a Technologyor a kind of Architecture made by/with words (in my case) or in another type or matter elements.So words  are matter,are not conceptual,or invisible or without weight.Words are my tools and my primordial matter ,are not random,not spiritual,are part of a big mecanism,a kind of/a part of a big technological mecanism.
But art are not words is empty.Basically is a void,that´s the main part of all art.
-_so, paint,for instane, is not conceptualisated,is not a part of literature, answers to other part of our brain,is not a text, it can´t be a text.Paint is not literature, are things completely different.
-_yeah, if you paint from a written perspective you are doing anything at all.You must choose, are different tools,but note qual,not in an equlitarism.
-_no!, they are different, is like oil and water,they can´t mix,but can be in a /at a-the same void-pool.
-_but paint doesn´t fill the void.It creates void.Literature doesn´t create the void but it surrounds the void, the primordial void and it catches from around it some elements,we call words but words are not the void itself.Paint can be the void,because expression,visual expression is more direct than words,answers diretly some parts o four brain very deep concerned with emotions and feelings,smells,textures.Literature came from this channel,but it creates other channels.
-_so,words can be destructive,or constructive.A paint can´t be destructive because is there, infront of you and you are still alive!,but words are not similar,Literature is criminal,is an exercise of revenge ,and you use your weaponery.
-_so the words ,literature,is explosive,criminal,and very dangerous.You must have a strategy before you want to write.And you must have a strategy while you are writting at/in.
– _paint can be anything you want,but IS always.Literature can´t be,because you forget,you must forget to be alive,still alive!!!.
-_so,in literature is more important the voids ,and the way your voids are marks in your writting.And to create those voids you must have a kind of paint-mind,so you are a visual artist too,because void is essentially no-space, no-space in your mind.
-_i need a paper and a pen to roll my words,then traslate, i transport them to computer.It´s the way.In these time is the way.200 years ago,it wasn´t the way.But now it´s so,and it´s essentially the same time than 200 years ago.That´s so attractive to me ansd i lay in the literature,that´s the reason i´m a writter,and not a painter,i´m a writter,and not a painter,because i lay on literature,and i visit visual arts,but i don´t stay there at all.It´s only a middle way to spread my strategy,and paints are my technology,and i transfer this technology to paper,and i create new technologies by, in function of words.
-_is very important for na artist to relax,take his time,and relax body and mind,it´s essential,because is a void in a world without voids or with voids used for another beings to attack you from them.
-_how is it possible? But i have my strategy,i´m a hunter,that´s the reason i´m a writter.
-_you see, at 1963 Pope John XXIII is dead and John kennedy.And at England MacMillan Prime Minister,and at Germany Konrad Adenauer and Kruschev at USSR were fired.Ther´s a big black out at New York area,NO,and Canadá SE.Spaceships are seen just before it.At same year Phoenix Endeavor has as target to mind control. 25000 children were taken them out from the streets  are kidnapped and abducted for research,against his willpower.Jason Society gives birth to Alternative 2 and Alternative 3 are taken as government agendas.So, birthing control,sterilization,new mortal illness are parto f the plan (AIDS that comes from a Grey virus takes part of it).Full use of spaceships tested years ago colonizating seriously Moon and other planets.Drug dealing begins at a planetary scale to maintain Secret Government,at 1959.Zapata Oil with the help of CIA forms part of this criminal net,the name of its president is George Bush.People sees Yuri Gagarin as the first man into space,thy don´t know moon colonization has just begun.It begins to build underground cities to a selected elite ( All th rest of the people are meme prescindible).Secret Government begins to stablish bases at other planets using alien technology and our own technology.Humans choose Nevada desert for a base, grey aliens choose four corners area at Arizona and New México.Underground bases signs reptile´s children a direct monitoring on all activities.In the next year is found many parts of human bodies and catle._the agency suspects greys are viling the treaty.They discover greys have been working with the USSR.It happened a batle in the skies._this researching team sees greys manipulate humanity through secret societies,witchcraft,sorcery,ocultism and religion._at this relatory says greys admit they admit religious manipulation but they deny man´s exit from religions.At sumerian times Annunaki/Nephilim used a tecnological device known as “stargate” to travel its home-world to Earth, and the same way around the galaxy. This “tool” was at Uruk city and that´s the reason for the first Gulf war at 1991 by American troops to find it,an Exopolitical reason,and it marks the begining of the NWO.
-_today i had a dream: Redan human-alien race told me that there were 4 days at Exocosmobiology Game,and today it begins at 22:30 mechanical hour, and i had to be ready, at same time i´m seeing a film now were an anti-universe or as Pleyadians says DAL universe,maybe is the answer, so at this hour all were going to change from DAL universe to our universe,and it happened!!!._there are three other days at same ratio,each 26-cylons,
-_remember you are at Mental Universe 10300…hehe!!!.

-_i´ll never understand why all these people get surprised without any reason for the things to happen…_there´s so many things that are in a closed tie,no place to new things,is retro-feedback cycle,and still grows up at,a wrong giant circle full of lies and control,this is the NWO,and the only way to break this is going at the begining of the cycle,at 1991.
-_transport us there.
-_yes,transport us to Uruk and see where´s the “stargate”.
-_in time and space.
-_Uruk,moments before first Gulf War begun.
-_emerther will help us._today we are at “esclarecidos” school…hehe!!!.
_this is the “Reanimation Capsule” :

-_in time!!!…hua!!!!._we only need the trap.
-_hi!,hi Weels!!,What are u doing at my´s?.
-Romeo,i must talk with you!!. _what´s this letter?:
“#_letter to a friend of mine…hehe!!!>
_theres so much pressure, now spanish government dosent want to give me my passport,i have my hand tied, and doing everything Patrícia lets me,to protect her,i dont want she pass the same hell i lived Weels!!,i´m in a very deep conerned bussiness.My parents dont have enought strenght to help me ther at spain,the only way for me is to get into prison there at Spain,is a big problem in what i am inside.Sorry foir these bad news, í´ll find a way ,but i´ll try ,i always have done it before…hehe!!!…_i won´t never surrender!!!_it´s my moment…hehe!!!.Please give a big hugh to all your family..I love you all very much,blessings!!!.”
-What happen? don´t they let you to get your books away at _state _library?
-_no,it´s nothig about this,_what are you doing with Julieta? _you are hurting her!!!.
-_she must understand,i´m doing everything  the when the moment arrives she wasn´t be unhappy._i´m breaking all the fuckin´bridges up that,that´s what i´m doing,we knew,one by one…_so it´s easier for her..
-_but there are too many people waiting you fail,with her, for anything..
-_that´s the reason i don´t want she feel the pressure..hehe!!!.
-_but she loves ya!!!.
-_yes, but i can do she forget me,is easier for me!!!._everywoman has her “thing”.
-_but you can´t surrender,my friend.
-_i don´t konw, what to do.
-_but it´s cruel,listen to me!, you must go with me to the bar,Romeo ! and tell me evrything!!.
-_when the moment arrives and i have to go,she´ll be ready.
-_no,_romeo,no!,your love is more important ,you konw it, there are things in the world that are important._one of them is your LOVE,_romeo and _julieta,you know…
-_well,_i´ll think about it.
-_thank you!,please,we need you,we all need you,do you understand?.
-_ok!,_weels,i got it!.
-_ok! _and he gives me a big hug,as only na italian can get you,`though hés british,is not important,i was mix spanish-italian,that´s all,the story´s beggining ,just now,please pay attention,i told him…huahuahua!!!.
“_this EP is all dedicated to _poseidon´s son!!!,_thank you!!!_the last chance for humanity will have a thieve!!!…..hehe!!!”.
While,in another part of the Universe :
_the _anunnaki _zeus watched all things happening at _earth _cristal _earth _planet*[1] and he moves his head side from side.:
_this humans are so stronger as us,_what will happen if they discover it
-­that-s impossible,said _anunnaki _apollo,we get inside them total obedience with religions, remember?_reptil obedience..
-_that´s true,and if they discover _white drACO at south _brazil?.
-_we are working on it..but there´s a problem…
-_what? _no,is not possible.._he is ..
-_yes.._romeo is there,he fail us one time, and he wants revenge.
-_kill him,in all his lifes,fuckin´thieve!!.
-_this is the batle of the 12000 billion years!!!…huahuahau!!!.:
_at million million light-years from there at _planet _earth:
-_and there´s must be an alienable right not to be victim of transmisors implants in the head!!!-said H.G.Weels infront of its public at University-by some surgeons while operations!._and,of course,you musn´t have any detailed radiological reports with no kind of contamination by necessity to hide State crimes._because it´s not an exeption,it´s the norm!._all this´s about a so criminal tecnice that State will do anything with no limits to save it keeps away from peole in general._that´s the true reason that psiquiatric doctors diagnose as mental illness anyone tries to say is a experimental victim of this technic._this technic happens ussually at _spain,as happened with my brother Alejandro-he staied quite a lot looking the public, a litle tear appears at his right eye-many have been victims of this politics,but this is the everday-politics at our planet,this is the reason a collective revolution appears infront of us,a cruel and terrible war against our enemies,and in this frontline YOU have the first word!,we can make it!._we have the tools now to destroy all system for ever._we are the warriors of a new kind of scenario,you´re not crazy,all you believe is true,all you think is true._we are with you everyday in every moment,moment a moment,go for it!!…hehe!!!.
-_i must go Julieta!!!.
-_where?_it´s the most interesting part.
–_i must fae my enemies,come back to my time line in Facebook,at January 2014 when Venezuela has all these deads.._and “Podemos” is concerned with._pablo _iglesias was Maduro´s Chancellor at this time, he was at Caracas,i can prove it.
-_so you´re going to post all this censored vídeos and images,but they were deleted!!.
-_no!,love i download all of them for this exactly moment!,that´s it!.
-_all this peole,Che will kill them,we can´t turn back to all this!,_war has begun!.
-_they are our most important enemies and we are getting many weapons,we are not victims,i remember what happened at spanish civil war, with POUM and Durruti´s colum burned by stalin ans spanish comunists._the moment will arrive,but it´s not he moment yet.
-_we wait for them here,..if they have balls!!!.
-_wait for me!!,i´m driving to school.
-_no, watch this man,it´s interesting!!.
-_You know my family were implanted so many years ago,my own mother had na implant when came to América to visit me,and this implant was oficcially known by spanish police,with the goal to keep on status quo at _spain,when “political” change is a reality to sustain “reptilian” positions and already of their “families” and the mine one can´t gorws up!!…hehe!!!.
-_yeah!,at middle time at ninenties i realized that the enemy wasn´t human…hehe!!!,mother fucker!!!._the crisis has already arrived or it was always here,in a constant information cycle,that always is the same,when i say information is significative information…hehe!!!.
-_pick up your heads!!!,remember i had a friend of mine that says that love was to choose the right pussy actually.
-_i don´t use more pull ups!!!.
-_don´t be scared!!!.
-_are you na NSA agent?.
-No!, i´m coming back to _south _america.
-_simply bussiness,i´m coming to ctach you.
-_how much is my head costs? 50000 bolivares?.
-_are you kidding me?._you don´t have any choice.
-_there´s always a choice._but i know,i will suppose ,but i´m in a suicidal mission.
-_we know,just hold it!._i´ll back in time,this same bar ´til tomorrow.
_and she goes so fast as she came,no noise,no sound,volatile.
-_bring me this sonic dematerialized weapon from NSA!-_i told her._Bring me back ups!!…hehe!!!.
-_hold on!!! -_catch this nulear weapon on your shoulder and kill all these sick bastards!!-_she ansewered me…hehe!!!.
-_i´m down,they burned me!!!
-_to live is more important than to post.
-_it´s the new bussiness,i drive it.
-_people is connected to feed _the _machine._that´s the work of human race,to feed _the _machine.
-_and what can we do?.
-_to disconnect form her amd connect to the source,we´re in time.
-_but people gets new civilizations,new social classes from the internet vias.
-_all this is bullshit!,_we need to be living beings once again,living connected with our _mother _earth,and this with _grandmo _galaxy and so on…
-_that´s mayan,isn´t it?.
-_galactic mayans!!!._we are here to stay here.
-_that´s sounds good!!!.
-_no,its real,it´s time of your opportunity for the entire whole universe.
[1] _it´s a planet at alternative Universe or anti-matter Universe,all phisic laws are already exactly at reverse mode.(and time reverse mode)
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