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#natron cubiclexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-_that´s _natron _cubicle?.
-_it´s the entrance at _tartarus,the realm of the dead.
-_i´m locked down!!!
-_oh! _c´mon! Don´t spend me!.
-_now i´m only refreshing my web page and click,refresing and click..
-_i had an orgasm so fast!.
-_i´m not hearind,i´m doing social engeneering.
-_ok! _i go to house!.
-_yeah!, better.._don´t forget the most important.
-_what´s the most important?.
-_never,never to say all what you know.
-_ok! ,_ciao!!!.
_later on _romeo and _julieta´s:
-_i can´t believe it! _do you love me?.
-_you are an ashole!! _give me your dick,_romeo!.-she said-dirty ashole!!.
_all turns they give in the bed til she was at “four legs” position,in a dog position.
_very clear,she was at critical mass at her white dog collar clear,wet,all on the room was red-hot-hot and red ,this light was so red…_she was looking at _romeo with this indescriptible look as a victim before to be killed,and i was precissely this,her killer!!_this kinda killing in the way i want to do ,deep and hard ,rough and deep,stuff inside,stuff out,my “stuff” in the middle while we see another porno film.
-_oh! You are my lost and found!.
-_lost and found! _i´m your dig and drag,take me!,take thisd. beating ,my black queen ,while he tied her,bringing her neck with strength.
_-i love this!!._let it gorw up,_ro!._with strenght,asshole!_i´m yours ,now!!!_that´s myyyyyy!!!..
_you and me always together,love,be quiet!!.
-_always _romeo!!._i love “the other way”.
-_wellcome to my “another way”.-_and around the the room all was squeezing,the lab,the dogs,the walls ,all were squeezing with the strength of their love act,the whole city was on fire,burning!!!…huahuahua!!!.
-_do you want a killing machine?._give me valium with alcohol ;and i´ll kick the ass all policemen in this town!._the problem is that i don´t remember nothing after this._and  i always wake up in a cell room.
_next day at College´s “cantina”:
-_hi! Weels!…_can you transport _h._g. here? _now?.
-_yes,i can!!!._he´s “in” me when i call him.
-_are you a “contatée”?.
-_no!,we are just related.!!!-suddenly- _well!!! _here i am!!.-_h._g. _wells,said!!!.-_what do you want from me?.
-_we would like to know some few questions._do you have time now?._yes!,we are under very big pressure right now!.
-_many in your time ,when you write “_the _time _machine” know that you were talking about XIX century?.
-_no!,not many!,a very few asked me about  it, and if was presenting a contemporary society or a real society´so a fabule about our society;the _morlocks underground…
-_yes!exactly,many at our time know about it ,or did you transport another kinda of information about this book and its content?._so was there any kinda of civilizations that you visited?.
-_yes!, it was,and now is the same ,they steal children and all kinda people to take them as food,is all the same.
-_c´mon!,but if it´s real all what we know must be changed at once!._do you think?.
-_i believe we must arrive to a balance to find salvation,because at multidimensionallity and underground bases at 3D at hte same time so we must find another vision.
-_yes ,that´s it!and what kinda vision would you think could all this get us in balance?.
-_well,we must figure out about “occultsm”,sorcery but we insist at another kinda of scope,as hunters,for instance,”Predator”film is a good example for this,you must transform yourselves in warriors,cosmic warriors,and look for the beasts are down,inside the floor,inside the ground,underground._you must catch them and show them to the rest of population they can see the truth.
-You say to catch all wing-dracos are at underground citiesfrom many thousand years ago?.
-Exactly!, but you don´t have the tools yet to do this endeavour,you must wait some hundred years yet.
-You talk about Dragons and Knights as middle ages?.
-These legends talked about real situations, they are not old women tales.They are describing the real world at Middle Ages are the courage of this people against reptilians and greys,you must respect all this.They did that success with less tools you have now,but because they believed in something,they believed!!!.-And he smash the  table with his right hand making a loud noise-.You live in a time without faith,this is the kinda of thing you are victims,you are so weak,because you don´t have any faith  in the Creator,in God,in the Source and you must make all the efforts in these times in believe with all your heart as they did at Middle Ages,this is your only solution.
-But it´s hard in these times with politics trying to make us forget who we really are ,and technocracy from NWO helps in all this human misery.You must turn back and believe in God one again,all religions are the same,but HE makes his choices which is yours,HE has made his choices ,now you must do yours.You don´t have any choice,you must face all this now,as a single body,as a single race, and take out all these “reptoids” from the heart of your planet.This is the solution made for you .ANd you must reject all the rest of solutions because they are already a part from reptoids/greys strategy to conquer the earth and turn it into a big farm for them.You are in time, don´t worry,but you must wake up.Of course you are not at middle ages  and the actions and the ways to fight all this are quite different at all.We know this,but we tell you once again,time´s running against you!,and this what´s happening at your planet and other planets before.But if you are there listening to me is that there´s a light,we have hope yet!.Because you´re the light of the whole universe!!!.This is not random,if you are reading this, you are part of the solution,congratulations for this!,because you understand the real meaning of all this.You are the coachers of the whole universe.We are with you more than ever,don´t forget this.
-Thank you H.G.,we are with you very deep inside of us and all what you are saying to us,but sometimes is hard,too many enemies,you know too many problems…
-Don´t you worry!.All this will also pass by!,you are strong,you are not weak,you are real strong,because you believe in something,you know that things couldn´t be as they want they are.Things are what they are .Period.You are not stupids,or victims,you are the elders of your fate.We are proud of you,very proud of you.
-So,H.G. you say we must take our weapon and as Stallone kill all reptoids we see under the face of the planet.
-That´s exactly,what i said.You must turn in a single army,as a single army of you made to survive as race,and as a planet.You have some choices yet,but…
-This is apocaliptical !.You say we must go to schools and teach children to use wepons, heavy weapons,to protect all children and all our families very well.
-Yes,that´s your mission.
-Ok,we go with it!.

-We have discovered one thing teacher Weels.Look at the screen.
-This organism comes from Venus.
-And all we are discussing about politics and revolutions here are shit!!!…hehe!!!.
-That´s what they want we do.Please leave this shit floating into the depths of the space,is too much dangerous.It can replicate and regurgitate all human beings in just an hour!!!.
-Too late!!!,i´m here!!!..hurhar..!!!.Says the professor laughing transformed into the veins of this lenticular slim-skin from 20 meters diameter eating the professor entiretely and in one second he replicates him into a semi-reptilian base form to one second later turns into another lettuce fifty meters bigger and ate all our Library,we have to stop it before it eats all our planet!!!.
-We can ask him things about “it” knows.
-We don´t know nothing and all your LD´s tv made with crystals are nurturing new organisms to this plane of reality,fucking bastards!,they don´t really know what they are doing as well, they are attracting here the dogs of war of another eras, what do they think they happen with this same planet some millenia ago?.It´s a recall for war,a conquer,do you remember “the invassion of the ultrabodies” at late 50´s?.It´s another kinda of invassion,Alien invasors are not by motherships,no!.They are by microorganisms or by mental-telepathic invasions,we are deadly with new kinda of war that we have never found before.
-“He” is talking very much,keep on looking the coordenates where it comes from,i´ll be asking him for a while.Please,”professor” Is it a kinda of shitstorm from evil forces?.
-They,spanish government tries to criminalize me,i go on writting…huahuahua!!!.Yeah!,Pablo Iglesias is the “´prince of extasis” of this shit invassion from a unknown-harkonnen race that is going to destroy us.
-Spain is an abductée country?.
-The rest of the world is not Spain…hehe!!!.
-We got it-said Julieta-He is a kinda of fucking synthetic human-like robots race from an army of synthetic people that comes from another vegetal universe ( for instance).He comes from Ultra-Galaxy MHKJ326 at 5D,of band of electrons,still entrance, black hole.
-They,your scientifics are tracking-dig the whole universe with the Montauk-Experiment Philadelphia they learnt and are sending all these artifacts as Voyagers and others to open new black-holes resources to attract here new kind of Alien invassions and another kind of evil forces,they are our enemies!!!.
-But,it´s impossible!!!.
-That´s what they are doing at this moment ,all your scientifics and its discoverings have the programation of a civilization of evil forces,leadership by reptilian entities with the agenda to get inside your planet all its “stuff” and take us into the depths of its hellbounds!!!.All CERN technologies ,hadron particles acelerators are part of this planning to get into your planet all motherships and hell-dog-armies from the depths of the space to turn us into slave forms,slave-vegetal forms without no soul!!!.That´s what your governments and academical scientifics want and all of them know this!!!.They are with this agenda many years ago,from the 60´s,consciently!!!.Why do you think they have created whatsapp and have developed it to spread openwide freely?.When we say opression is not a political form of slavery ,is a kinda of Alien invassion,stupids!!!.Whatsapp is an open door to this kind of invassion of ultrabodies invassion to this planet  used as a portal for all these entities and are spreading these technologies everywhere free to get us at our knees infront of them?.Don´t you think is another kinda of invassion?.
-At your village,Burjassot, at Spain there is a space lab under culture house” you know?
-Yes i know, at 5D,i´ve visited it in many times, not only at my dreams…hehe!!!.
-How “it” knows all this?-Iasked julieta vissibly nervous.
-I got it, we can send it again where it came from-Ct ´mon, get out all yhe screen.
Suddenly,very loudly the “spitting” thing was sucked by the whole screen opnening another hole-portal into the Lab, all these miliseconds were eternal, while it dissapears professor Weels turned to us at his familiar form and he appears very happy as a ilumanetted being with his hair sticky and “punky” way:
-Wow!! Please tell me before na alien invassion come around,i´ll be rady,i´ll take all my bar!!-And take his whiskey botle instantanely.
-C´mon doc, don´t make a fool!-said Julieta taking the botle,but it was too late,Professor stay layed down the floor sleeping very calm with loud noises.
-This Weels is a mindsatlker,i go home,do you come with me Julieta-said Romeo.
-I´ll go later, i have to test all coordenates,i don´t want it happens again…huahuahua!!!.

-Johny Cash!! sounds good?.
-Is it something weird in your soul,darling?-said Julieta.
-No, i love Johny,is like a rum jar at my hand,you know,that´s my life!!!-Rom said taking another rum cup.
-The difference beetween you and i are everything smaller,my love!!!.
-And she puts her arms around him with some tender smiles.
They know they have to make a choice,things were very strange lately and their relationship was standing-off of the bottom of the line,so Romeo ask Julieta:
-Would you like to take some holidays,darling?.
-Hol..holidays?Are you talking seriously?-said Julieta,visibly enjoyed with the proposal.
-I thought go to another place, nor Venice or Cancun,you know,something really different.
-Where we go,dear?.
-We go to..surprise!!!.
-Oh!c´mon,tell me more,Romeo!.
-You must visualize it.Your computer doesn´t tell it to you?…hehe!!!.
-At random mode there are 1000000 posibillities to go to Russia,or maybe Iran or Caucasc countries,that´s what my desk says.
-Weel,i didn´t make the choice yet!,it´s a blank space,you can make your choice…
-Really? Well,we go to the airport and we choose there!.We see later on!!!.
-I love you for those things,darling!!!.
-Why don´t you call your father?-said Julieta going to Lab.
-I don´t think so!!!
-Call him..
-You´re right darling as always!!!,!Ça cést món pére”-thought Rom.
Suddenly at his phone a call from a distant friend,Psiko,from Madrid:
-Hi Psiko!,How are you?.
-We are fine,as well.
-I´ve heard the news from TV,Congratulations to Spain,you must be very happy!!.
-Haha!!!..Son of a bitch!,and you!!! Many things change for everybody!!.
-I hope so!!!,How are you at Madrid,now?.Many drugs ,please don´t get drunked everyday!!!…huahua!!!.
-How you now? We are celebrating yet!!!…huahuahua!!!.
-Ok! ,nice!,Wee see you,Psiko,now i have to call my father.
-That´s important!,,of course!.
-You know,if i could choose you would possibly be my father.
-You have your father, i´m sure he´s an amazing person,as you are, and he miss you a lot.
-Oh!,thank you,Psiko,i´ll remember.
-I don´t know what to say,well, thank you!!,you are like a son for me!!!,my bro´.Don´t be late,we got many things for you here at spain,we are preparing a big party for you!!.
-Yeah!!!,I see,at Valencia we have won!!,Since 24 years ago ,from Rita´s government Valencians need a change,a big change.
-We know all that,we are very concerned with all what´s happening!.
-Please,hold on!,a coming call!!.
-Don´t worry i´ll call you later..ciao!!.
-Ciao,bro´!.Father? I was going to call you!.
-How are you,Son?.
-Well, very well at America,and You?.
-Have you noticed about all what´s happening at Spain?.
-Of ourse!!!,you did it!.You gave a big kick to all those bastards!!.
-It has been a big victory for all of us.But the problems come now,with this all new things.
-You know what i think about all kind of governments,father,and my situation too.It´s simply political,i´ll show you!.
-They´ll say it´s for another reasons.
-I always know what to do in all those cases.
-Are you sure?.
-I thought it so many times…Yes, i´m sure.Very soon you´ll have news from me.Please,pay attention to all what´s happening.Take a look around you!.
-I´ll do it!.I´ll do it!!…hehe!!!.
-I´m happy for you, but i couldn´t suspect strange movements for me there,and you are very under control circunstances.
-Not all of them,son!,I´m doing everything to get you,at your real place,but i didn´t find any answer.I was surprised,i have to tell you.
-You know all sacrifices we do for this change,prison,exyle,and now nothing changed ,they really think we are stupids or slaves.And we are not,be sure of this.If they don´t give any friendly movement all about thery have won will turn at their main graves…It´s a question of pure mathematihcis, pure Xenogeometry.
-Xenogeometry? I love your books,son!!!…huahuahua!!!.We´re on touch ,son,please we need it.I knew your silence all those days,no post at Facebook,no e-mail to your mother,it was far for a heavy reason,i know ,and after talk with you i´m sure of this.
-Please father, take care of you,and stay calm,my mother told me you are arranging a litle land,a prtion of land where you plant tomatoes and all those things,it all give you so much peace!!!.
-How you know?.We have all this in our blood,you know,we are Mother Earth,we don´t posses the Earth,She posseses us!!!.She is not a part of us,we are a part of She!!!.
-We have passed all tests,believe father,it´s another time but not for the reasons can be usual to think,but for a big reason,for our fight,our struggle.Please,take care of you,and all the rest of family.I´ve been thinking all these days and now i am thinking and i´ll need to think in future days too.Remember us!!,ok?.
-You´re good,son!!!.We´ll do it!!!.Stay alive!!!.
-Be happy!!,…Hi!!!.I love you,father,you know…
-I know,don´t worry for anything .We´ll get in touch .
-Take care my son and daughter,i miss them very much.I miss all of you all the time!.
-Write to your mother!!!.
-I´ll do it ,father!!!…see you!!…hehe!!!.-Romeo is very happy-Well,i think we go to Spain…huahuahua!!!.
-Castiel´s Angel.
#Look for everything about Metatron!!!….heheh!!!.


-10549 box”
-phone and “cursor”
-outa system.
The End of “Podemos”.
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