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Publicado: 21 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
A 6000-7000 years old  non-human beings are living underground into deep cities into Earth Planet .At wikileaks web site, Julian Assange lets a vídeo about a secret mission by NSA-NASA,this was called “Apollo 20”(1976),where is wachted a 1500 milliards of years´ mothership in the Moon ,with a alien woman-passenger 6-fingered inside at hibernation mode,as a indigenous woman from américa, long black hair and orange skin ,and  academical science with a limited microscope-vision says that our universe has 4 milliards of years old, so what does a 1500 milliards of  years old´s mothership at dark side of the Moon?.All religions are now, ALL, with politics with feelings of admiration to superior beings,Aliens,and we transform this into religions.We can see reality, but we don´t want, we are facing with beings ,civilizations, and conexions beyond known until today with our hottest imagination.We are building a Total Science or a Exocosmoscience that explains everything we are watching now. We are scratching in the surface of the biggest unknown discovering in all universe existence.This book is only an example…
EPSI-CODE 1: “Merlin”:
Lucinda-There are Dream Capsules or Brain Ships ,vertical-line individual ships, with the body into a telapathical fluid ,linked with electrodes at ships´s commands. While you sleep you travel at the most far away places from multiverse ,anti-matter universe and reverse time universe (the three primordial universes):
Matilda-Three steps: first…create a new time own knowledge/secondly…to ask the oracle/in third case…to video-attack!!!, and that´s all.Then you know the results…hehe!!!.
L-Although what i´ve learned at 1974, as tranfering me to come back to my aboriginal world –time line (an opportunity that didn´t benefit me,fortunately),agents “placed”my conscience  in a clone in this world.A simple observation that paved me many obstacles to point out.
M-There exists a reptilian base underground at 1000 meters under the sea close to Brasil and it emitts a signal that perturbs people, confussion, violence and it has 1 thousand years old,and Brazilian army and government knows it. As other Aden´s Gulf Reptilian base supposely erased by Andromedan troops at 2011,but it has been rebuilt once again,all whats happening at Yemen with Arabian army entering there,violence and chaos is by this reptilian base and their operations.
-The Hell is a real place, all our legends and mithologies,all religions talk about a place underground where human souls are tortured, exactly the same happens at underground bases where greys and reptilians mix in their tanks human blood with alive humans in a “hot” mixture,exactly the same as hell´s horrors with hot temperatures and blood and fire,greys are the “demons” and Satan is a real been, a winged draco-reptoid at the bottom of our planet earth.We can say heaven is a real planet too, or planets, with real beens, “angels” are our human brothers from other colonies.And our real 3rd dimmension is another frecuency dimension for our brother, as a repository of souls waiting ,a testing place,and we are 3d -prisoners at this dimension made to learn the “commands of the soul” as technological devices to travel after death and take total control of our existence,or that´s what they want we think.
-And you, what do you think?.
-I´m sure we can take total control of our soul here and now, but we have enemies, at this 3D dimension and at another dimensions that attunned to their frecuencies doesnt leave human soul fly, and we must take this control (physical, mental,..) out as soon as possible.Our possibilities are high, we can do it…hehe!!!.I think if we made an expedition underground to find hell, we´ll sure find it!.
-Well, this is my structure,look at this!:
-What is that?
-Its my definition-strructure when im looking for..
-Looking for what?
-I like it!!!…hehe!!!.Can you give it to me?
-Of course,it´s yours,you need it…hehe!! It useful,believe me!!!.
EPSI-CODE 2:”Exocosmogeometry “:

-Russian Ministeries and FSB´s at Kremlin are sure  all big armies in our world are going to begin a defensive war against what they call “founders´biblical Eden Graden Giants and not to colonised by ancient alien race known as “Annunakis” or “nephilins” who are the “Watchers” as it says at babilanian sites-rock-texts (biblical insights,as well).Source:  “Sorcha Faal december 2008”.
-Yes, everybody knows about it, it´s a common place.
-The most disturbing is navies are located at “sweet water river going out from Eden” as many principal babilonian texts putting down the main Watchers´under-sea base.
-Aaron Mccollum takes part at  MKUltra (Project Talent) to develop psiquic warriors and supersoldiers by secerts government.He talks about a Stargate (quamtum gate ) to other dimensions or planets at Aden´s Gulf and information is handing at by secrecy sources,by his intuition based at own´s investigation.

EPSI-CODE 3:”Mexico is the key!!!”:
This picture, Aden´s Gulf anomaly promoted by reptilian alien base
-Could it be  this “being” at this history, at 1136-1137 pages by Raymond A. Palmer “HIDDEN WORLD” at 1962´summer, to take part as underground creature one source says as “worm-dragon” creature´s desription?.
-Wow!!. Hi! I am reading now Branton and listening “soulfly-Primitive ( 47:29 mechanical minutes)”,an epic moment…hehe!!!.
-Yeah!, “Forever we will be into infinitty”.
-Do you know this?
-I had a vision ,Lucrecia.
-Lucilda,sorry…I had a vision from Quetzacoatl awaken at 19:40 mec.Hour 03 30 2015 Gregorian Calendar and a tremendous energy ammount inside of me,infinite, as well, from Hopi indian essence,supreme human warrior has born since he has trown a singular ray from his mouth,and a fetal image has been revealed,and is has been a common awakening ,and i´ve been running to my cristal and inter-linking it inside with a very clear ritual,written done yet,and i did  gestual and  chamanic movements exactly as i almost knew them,and im doinfg and i´ll do them and im doing what i must doing..hehe!!!
-It´s not random ,today is Epsylonian Tollan City from Epsylon Eridani,Syon mothership´s new re-born and where Crist,Muhhamd (TPBABWH),Quetzacoatl..i was in resonance with all of them.
38 CYLON – 231 CYLON – 49(50) CYLON LA CIUDAD DE LA TOLLAN EPSYLONANIAN TOLLAN´CITY=  241-398-127=766-325-C246 NHOME=6555068601372821877045420348944…/413+322+127=862-421-C82 NHOME ESPEC=3541203471209458714785989058182, C221 0 2 1 0 2 1 2 8 3 220, 218 CYLON MOSKITO 2X13=2860, CLOSER CYLONS  BEETLE-TERMITUS-TERMITUS-STING-WOODEATER,EPSYLON MOON CYLON FORCEFIELD =13845-2860,FOTON´S TIME 218º=339-24-57121-464736456,RUNES= RUNES  7 – Purrple Rainbow Ring-Rune 6 Violeta Anillo – Ehwaz I AM the Life´s Messenger,Faith sounds into me/ORBITAL CYLONS=STING-STING-GRILLUS-CIGARRA-MANTIS/PATANJALI´S  SINCRONORARICAL “ANANGAPADÁ”/INTRATERRESTRIAL SINCHRONARICAL “MOONRISING´S CITY”“UNDER SARGAZOS´SEA/ MAMOUTH 12 1 37 3/
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