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Publicado: 8 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
“In the Interlude,i had a dream,in the mean-time,young troops sending messages,above mother-queen awaits,and raised from our positions,we see the light,but we´l be the deceivers of the deceivers,we´ll never surrender”. Last words from Mountak´s soldier Jean Simmons,West-frontiers,beyond Matrax Constellation positions. NEXUS-PROLOGUE : “_here i am at this magic garden  where shadows show me all at this _epsylon repairer _center here i am now,here i was standing exactly as i am now ,writting “_the _dragonsfly´wings” at 2013 ,and now when i´m writting “_nicolas _tesla,_mente _alien” novel ,that i don´t know very well what it will be like,or how long,_there are many things in life that are no expected,those ones are the most important,who knows…_at my side “_captain”my dog, very sad, always crying because he wants to be with me all the time…but Tanambi doesn´t want him at house, or home, is normal here,i know but my feelings are exactly in the opposite way and i must fight for these feelings,i know ,more than ever…”.  “2nd Part of Exocosmobiology Game : Witness from Epsylon Eridani : This game comes from them, and they are not part of this though they are the linkers of it,the messengers,but  the creators not.Its an ancestral part of many many knowledges of many many races ,so they added this game to its culture,they have other ways to play…As you and other races…hehe!!!. -Tesla-Philadelphia experiments-Grey Treaties-Von Neuman-Montauk-Duncan Cameron/Al Bielek-time portals-Mars-John Carter Film-David Bowie-Underground Bases at Mars-Altair-Alfa Centauri 1 and 2-Moon-Nazi Bases-Coil Tesla Technology-Free Energy-Teleportation-Bermudas Triangle-Nordics-Yaqui-Hopi-EZLN-Anonymous-Siria-No religions-No Politics-No masses Sports-No Egregors-Spain-Templars-Holy Grial-The Ark-Guaraníes-Kaingangues-Branton-Insektonotronix-Exocosmobiology Game-Epsylon Eridani-Epsylon Lyrae -Who´s Streiber?.  -Talking other things, this text goes to micro-blogs and is separately unity mean content.But it fills all the book,so, this book has its own unity out of measures of this “microbloggers sentences” but these “parts” are not part of but in an holographic unity, so you can choose any sentence as the whole book,so it is. “. #EPSYLON LIRAE XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Suddenly i was in a soviet train,the train stopped and the rails took me off  and my head was hitting in the ground, from nowhere a big dog hit me once again and show me the teeth..i was afraid,and a man with a litle black suitcase was closing to me :
-Please take this!.And give me some litle coins.
-But these are spanish “pesetas”!!! before Spain was in the European Union this was the national trade common official coin.
-You must go there,there! Showing me to a place ,a tube station  close to us,payalshta!!!,spasiba,spasiba!!.The dog was out and the man too very afraid,What happened at this place? It was the real USSR? Or i was in a close-near time open window were i can see all the future of this new Rússia?.I was curious and i try to discover why i was there.
Walking through the station i saw i litle old woman just looking at me and i can´t believe it!:
-Aunt Elena!! What are you doing here?.
-C´mon!! Sit down with are not at a dream,or a vision,this is real, you are in a true mission to save the world,don´t you forget this!!!.I was conscient of your frightened state,and give a  red pill,it will help you!.C´mon,take it!!!.
-So, i am at Russia.
-No, you are at USSR 1978,this is the reason this man give you “85 pesetas” and nothing else.
-“85 pesetas”,and why? Which is the reason?.
-The reason is inside your head,and in Nicolas Tesla,he didn´t die at all, he show a way where we can find him,once again,a way into time.And i am ,consider me, a messenger,this is the real form in youR brain,because i was at 1978 so and you can remember more things from this date.This is only the beggining,good luck! And my auNt Elena dissapeared into the void of this strange and no ordinary happenig.My body squeezed into the ground and already dissappeared as water in the sea…
-Ladies and gentlemen At this date 2015 05 16 greg cal.we are at “Esclarecidos School” The Insekt Founders by the first time,at second level 16th step in the Exocosmobiology Game ,and we take this new decission:”At this day form 3rd Area form Epsylon Time system ,2nd month,2nd week, we link together these two cylons 253-254 and link together both 85-254 ,in this day Vega-Cosmic University at Exocosmobiology Game IIIrd step.Although we take some new decissions that is Exocosmobiology dominates all the rest of time-games machinery as other we can generate: 343 cities,Insektonotronix,etc…hehe!!!.this paradigms begins with the premise there exists alien presence (ET) at Earth, which ilegal government have been keep this knowledge closed to the people.It can be an exopolitical exercise ,as a preventive war against Iraq at 1991.
-What says this man? I asked my love Julieta.
-He believes in an academical way to change the world…hehe!!!.
-What´s the situation at our planet right now?
-Do you ask me this? You have more information than me..Well, you know all the governments have treaties with your enemies, the agresive aliens with human race,Fidel Castro and Pope Francesc Iº had a meeting with Maitre,the most violent race in all the whole universe, and French Prime Ministry and Raul Castro at La Habana had a new meeting in the same direction,05 11 2015 cal. Greg.,Maitre makes abductions of human beings and use them at its genetic experiments at underground facilities, you are a race sold by your governments, they arrive to power to know these entities and take their knowledges by their own benefit,but the 99% of your planet needs many things and we are here to give all this without hesitation,without hierarchies, that´s one of your tasks, to prove you can have these techs and information without betray your brothers and sisters,youn know what´s happening and your decissions are logical,you don´t want to sell your brothers for a place in this “Alien Technological Paradise”.
“The Pope (Francesc I ) and Castro (Raúl/Fidel) met again last week…with Maitre”.
-So,what happen at France with these killers was by Aliens?
-Possibly sintethic humans, with an average life time of 3 years only.
-And French Prime Minister does all these things to have part at NWO?.
-That´s it!,He has sold France and all its inhabitants to be at the top with their “Alien Gods”,He is now the worst government .
-So all governments, all, have periodical meetings with our enemies, those who take our souls, our women from many thousand years ago, our children,and have built a hell with our worst dreams to control us, and the governments know about this…And they had do this since many million years ago, before we arrived at  this planet…
-Yes!, they have these contacts with them EVERYDAY and they think human race is a slave race and your governments do it too.They believe in this hierarchy and in this “elite” to keep this status quo, and if you are now writting these same words its because you as a planet, as a race have won…hehe!!!.
Suddenly a strong noise irrupt the scene and a voice ecocoed at a loud volume : “You have open the Heaven doors, thank you for you and your courage..we all are with you…hehe!!! All races, all the fucking whole universe are with you!”.
-Fucking Universe?…hahaha!!! These entities have a kind of humor sense!!!, said Nicolas Tesla to me very happy.
-Yes!,i´m surprised!!! Once again!!!…huahuahuah!!!.
-Are the kusrs,the gods of the lands that have returned now?.
-The first factor is a transport ET gadget ,a Stargate ,or somethig similar could be buried in the soil at south of Irak, which is supposed it will do a big role in the profetized Gods return.
-Which is our goal?
-The moving Infantry fights,flote takes a walk!!!
-A citizen has the courage to protect human race as a personal responsability…new social vectors,new human  society…hehe!!!.
-Here we have just one rule :Everybody fights,no one surrenders,if you don´t do that i will kill.Have you understand?.Understand sir!!…hehe!!!.
-Will we catch this Reptilian here a Viamâo..hehe!!!?.
-This is the power of the Starfighter.
”The big warriors of the universe are not more than mere human beings at planet
earth”,said Redan,my next alien visitor.
-What are you saying? Are you really ready for this? Wake Up!!..
-I know who i am.And my next book will be about Nicolas Tesla.
-You´re insane, this man died at a hotel at 1943,alone..
-Exactly!,and we must remember and give him his real place in the history of the humanity, a new name ,he is so important as a prophet,somebody that comes here to gives us a message.He give his message and did his work well and we give him this!.I can´t stand this!!!.Really! This is nasty!!!.
-Ok,you are my new master at the Exocosmobiology Game, and i tell you, you´re right!!!…hehe!!!.
-Thank you, brother,we are brothers!!!.
-But you must help me to transfer everything!!.
-No, he will tell you by himself, word by word,..image by image…hehe!!.
“We are not alone in the universe, war dogs are runing close planet earth, new histories, war histories, new hierarchies, new lineages druming in the ears of new creatures are closing to you,to your planet…”
-Julieta, are you? I was saying at the darkness of my room, a wiskey jar and a chair, in a lonely hotel,i thought it would be the ideal enviromen for my first encounter with Nicolas Tesla.Are you there,Julieta?And a chair was moving fast to my,i was scared…
-I will comunicate with you by your head,your brain thoughts,you have paper and ink? Said a special intuition at my head, as a wishper first, then as a loud voice.
-Are you Tesla? Or is my imagination?
-All you are living is a preparation for this moment, all moments in your life, i am in a place full of energy if you could see me you wont believe it with all these rays of energy and flowing….,you remember the splash of a electrical gadget at your street?,You were without electricity just when you begun to write this book.
-Yes i remember, but i can´t believe it,so is this my mission?.
-You must have faith, we are many here,looking at you, this is a very special mission…hehe!!.
-Is Redan Alien race with you too?.
-Yeah! All that are with you are here.Exocosmobiology´s game has waken up for you these energies ,you have called all these alien races by this game, for you, you have this power, to make real what you write, we know this, it´s a big picture we have here about you.You know this too…
-I´m glad for this, Nicolas,i hope i´ll do it right!.
Saddam Hussein´s rebuilt Ishtar Gate,Babylon.
Fernando Arrabal,the great spanish writer ,at TVE (Spanish Television) talking about Jesuchrist and Milenarism in the XXI Century in 1989.
-China installs an army space base at Argentina and has also give to Banco de Brasil 78 R$ this week 05/21/2015 greg al.,it´s called chinese development planning.We remember China was the country who received in the year 2010 the answer from Alien species from Voyager´s Probe sent to space  at 1976,but China gives no answer to the requeriments of the other countries to share this knowledge.
-My father says the real enemy is China.
Matrax,once again.
That´s the way we work”.
-That´s the favourite sentence of Epsilon Eridani-Lyrae,Matrax…
-i´m looking for a good hacker book at spanish or portuguese…hehe!!!.
-Look this ,i read at”The Arcturus´ Probe”,José Argüelles.: (Translate)“We have grow up complete dictionaries for just one only estimulations field that affects at one sensoric realm.. …Everytime you grow up at material technologies,more complex and weak turn your cities,and more difficult is to grow up your life level high rating,no members of the League of Ten developed cities as you know.However, they made their cities in concentrical circles in a circular architectonical high structure in the center, that contents the old control screens..”page 29
-You can use these words of power “Babaji-Unamúra-Ujait” or “Babaji-Ujait-Unamúra”..use it!!…hehe!!!.
-Whatever it takes?.
-You must watch you back. All is a question of perspective.
-I must return to Europe,many thing are happening overseas.
-Imperator rex again?
-Very funny!!!…hehe!!! Can you Check out for me?
-But what is supposed we are going to find Out?
-I want you know..i think i´m going to come around.
-For Instance?
-To establish one single idea and no kind of travel out from America.It´s fair
-Yeah,we are late of date.
-Yeah,and I´m deadline.She´s waiting for me at “Charm´s”.
-Be carefull with colateral damages.
However in other part of the city under the river.
-We must acomplish the mission gentlemen,these are some days of shitstorm.
-As Nicolas Tesla ,he died without no cash,as himself says at his epitaph,the future is for Nicolas Tesla ,the genius of free energy,to everybody…huahuahua!.

-Exopolitics is an emergent public field ,mainly built at some sources helping the idea of ET presence that is known by forbidden government organizations that erase this information form people and other chosen political leaderships. The most strong evidence by historical alien presence at Irak come from cuneiform tables directly showing the activities and beliefs of ols sumerians which civilization begun suddenly at 2800BC. As it shown in “The Queen´s Hive”,my last book.
-I told you, give me 5 dollars!!.
-Shit! He always names this book,and people at Mexico steal it  and bla bla bla….hehe!!!]
-..and many people at Mexico steal it to me and publish with other name..
-Give me more 5 dollars!!!.
-Stop,i knew ,YOU must give to me 5 dollars,dude!.
-Hi! I´m not your friend,i´m your wife!,remember?.
-Ok!,ok!You´re right,love!!! C´mon ,go to the bar!!!…hehe!!!
There at Bud´s ,our bar at the college we were very comfortable,almost luxury,and the ideas floating beetween our friends..:
-Look,there´s like H.G.Wells,there at this chair..hahah!!!.
The man stopped his actions and come where we are: may name..
-What? Who?..
-I´m very deep concerned in your deep investigations,with your permission!.And with a simphonic parsimonia he was showing us many diagrams and drawings about ,he sayd, new technologies ans tools.And the time machine,of course.
-All is based at Tesla Coil technology,that´s the paradigm.
-We can´t understand as well,but we are only begginig this kind of…mission,I said with my fingers very funny…hehe!!!.
-Look,my young friend!!:
-This form,created by points as at chinese acupunture is found in the etheric body or geometrical etherical body.These points “control” memory,THE DEEPEST memory ,that made by smells,textures,rememberings from other lifes,other planets .these are the most important points for our “earth´s mission”,or in our life through all the rest of our lifes,so ancestral memory from our eternal soul through different lifes,steps,…hehe!!!.Through its activation we can visualize in the direction i show in the drawnings,more or less,is something scientific,nor mistical.For instance: Chinese town at valencia-Spain and my partners there…hehe!!!.
-Today has died John Nash!!!.A brilliant mathematician
-He saw many things, schemes in the universe,said curious Julieta.
-Nefilim from Nephal hebraic Verb means “fall”,and there exist giants at Nepal today,underground,with the same linguistic root.
-The Anunnaki,do you mean?.
-Yeah!, they want human beings believe the were the “creators “ of human race.
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