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Matrax , a very active race at the firsts 90´s.They appear at many films (Independence Day) and a music video “Spacemen” from Babylon Zoo.
-Lineages before Adam.
-Exocosmobiology will explain the most part of phenomena happening now in the planet (including political phenomena).
Matrax Race´s Left Arm.Universal Symbol that opens all doors.
All this information has been revealed to me,i deserve the right to tell the source or sources,really there only exists one source.This book is revealed in its entirety ,i was thinking if must make a scheme from these informations but all answers tell me some thing, keep on!!!,We are revealing you all stuff,all information  ,MATRAX SIC ( 28 04 2015 cal greg).
And i can´t do it without Patrícia Tanambi…hehe!!!.
EPSI-CODE 1:”Sofia”:
We start with Exocosmobiology:
We write the biggest love history that has never been told again…All this book is revealed by Alien forces,helpers for human beings.In this moments where HAARPS are attacking world once again (Nepal,Chile,Ecuador..2015) with higher power we must be stronger and united than never before.We are a single race,a single people in all  whole universe.When things are put together is not random.It´s because we are one hand,one people,one single soul,we are the hope for the whole universe,for the children of our planet,and others.We can change all things,what we want to.We are free,totally,we are totally free,we era totally happy.This is all what we are.It´s not ufology,it´s not politics,it´s Exocosmobiology.And all information is coming down under you to channel to all human beings,this is a very important information.By the rest of time,it will be a light for your race.It´s the moment,it´s your moment,the moment of your planet,to destroy New World Order,for all race,for all at once,we have won!.If you are reading these same words and you are,we are the champions of the world,the champions of the universe.
“In a very distant galaxy two people were fighting for a main resource,and all supplies aren´t enough to save this world,so they thought and sent a mission through deep space to find this material,this “thing” and could survive for.What they don´t know is that at same time they look for this powerfull substance they were changing whole universe for ever…This is the History of this two people,and its adventures,its Epic.We can choose any race we want but we´ll choose MATRAX race and the human race,as a single or the same history.”
Many others forces helped our main actors in their history.Many races and many histories were linked at main and at the same “script”.We are not creating a new history,or a metaphor of,or another empty source,this information comes from the source,the only one,”SHE”,and is a revealed information.It´s the whole truth.Nor a single letter is random inside this text.We can now begin…
“We are in a very,very far away by time into the stars..
This is Emerith ans Bourness, two,they were both together in the same flow-tank-borning,they had the same gene-matrix-parents,they were co-linked because an old script,written into the foundations of the old universe,where these biological experiments were born.A borning-tank has a number and a code,and is sealed by mother-mother in a strong field,a force field called “Mamounaikin-Tank”,and this energy is coaligated inside the reproductive-tank.This was the place where our ancestors were born.A stone tank.Or something similar.Because when it´s activated we can see many millions colours and flashes of light from inside the tank.
-I love you Emerith!! Thank you!!!.With a heart drawn in the desk.
-I love you more,much more….hehe!!!.
-Box is a Field shield, a making box done by an open frame of hierarchies : ruled with new fragances,upon textures;cosmobiological infussions,metalised under our eyes.
“-Lord of War? This Crystal.
-Lord of Arts!!! .This is Skull Cristal.You can remember but your dreams,nor only.You change the game.You can change the game.”Said a Matrax being to me .
-All this is Box?.Are you an Alien? I asked to this being infront of me.
-All this is inside the Box.Brown-Box.
-Yes!.This is its real name!!!.
-Beard box,weird box,Bear Box!.
-They are already all of them.
The Matrax being keeps on telling me…
=This is a true History,nor an around-invented long way legend.
-Hilarious.Nor Intended.Brown-Brown,cocaine with powder.
-You can spend a lifetime into a hole ,black or white hole and you can never know where exactly you are.
-All your world is full of blood.
-This is the other name of your planet.
-What´s this?.
-Its a biological-medium-liquid.It´s a transcendental fluid.Many races are attracted by your blood.
-Yes,vampire races.
-I can´t believe it,i couldn´t.
-You can stop when you want,but you are a farm planet.
-Farm Planet?.By Whom?.
-Your blood is your pay-tax for your planet.While you have blood you are an interesting planet.
-I understand,farm planet.
-Nor any biologically,your emanations.
-In other dimensions,your blood atracts and feed other species.
-That´s the reason because they atract wars on my planet.
-Exactly!,They need your violence, your conscious and unconscious violence because they already feed by yours.
-Unconcious volume?.
-So they have psionic-warhouse-pools of psiquic energy,negative energy to get feed energy,once and once more.
-We got things you could never believe there exist.
-Tell me, so, tell me…We need this all now.
-Well,we can´t share all of them with you now,but we can try…
-What you want?.
-We don´t want anything form you,by your imagination,on your imagination,form your imagination.
-Nothing else?.
-This is a worthy thing,no other race has this power,but you have to find your power within,and there you´ll find us.
-Matrax,that´s it!.
-How much time are you on us?.
-Much more time you can imagine.
-Nor my world?.
-Your race is older you think.
-This is a prize for me.
-You have wake up,that´s the only thing.
-So you are a mirror of your awakening.
-We are the seal of your awakening.
-Many people believe Art is only plastic art,visual art.
-That´s completely false.Is possibel give all artisti possibilities by literature,it condenses all textures,and possibilities.
-Maybe because cinema,painting,is more direct on the brain.
-It´s not so,games begin with a litle spark inside your brains,and language can make this easily than plastics or theatre,or cinema.
-Visual arts?.
-Literature can transport technologies,art is not a kind of make things preatier,art transports links ,art transports textures,transports technologies,all kind of technologies.
-Politic Technologies?.
-We just have all political possibilities.
-We share many many things with you in this moment ,it´s a link-moment,in this moment,we share some vision.How could it be possible without na inner conection beetween both states?both scenarios?.
-So,telepathy is ensemble by words?.
-Well, literature is a kind of telepathy ,or a mental ventriloquy, you use the minds ot the other people as a resonance box,and its called Telepathy.
-Are you talking about characters?.
-Yeah! Human charaters but with  a fine Alien varnish.
-This is an intellectual vision on politics.
-I think we are in a seond or third level,after a kind of telepathical invasion and before an alien storm.
-Textures again.
-Exo-ecotechnological furnitures.
-A new kind of tools.
-And Women.
-Ah!! Women!!!.
-Acrosticals are “an-other” of our languages.Ah! STEVIA,You Know/? Sugar.
-I understand.I can see.
-Is this a kind of joke?.
-A joke? No! A Game? Maybe!!!.
-I see
-We are driving you inside this book.Be calm,it´s a good book for your race.It´s na ancestral book,out of your time.
-Thank you!!.
EPSI-CODE 3: “Denver Airport”:
KIRGAL Loved her :
– You can´t come home if you want her!.Tell him the Oracle.He pressed the stonebox and dissapeared.
“Many worlds have been touched with you,by you, you are in a sacred mission,told him the ancient-ancestral priest-nephontés.You are nopt of your own,no more,you are in service of “SHE”.
NERKEGISHAL looked upon her shoulder and smiled,he was there onto his mothership.She didint say goodbye.
EPSI-CODE 4: “The Butcher´s targeted”:
-What´s that? I dreamed with an ancient egyptian world with high technologies,my name was Kirgal,and my love Nerkegishal.
The Matrax being materialisated once again to Bournes and answered him:
-Many of you in your world has now ancestral memories of your past,other lives,you know.It´s the remembering of your genetical furniture,inside of you are layed many civilizations that you can´t imagine.And that´s your future-past.
-Future-past?.You say?.
-It´s a kind of game,another game,You must remember your ancestral soul and your mission,you were lost when we met you,you are in a real process,you are meeting with your own,now you know you are in a sacred mission,with no return,no come back!!!.
-That´s true!!.I was kirgal.
-Kirgal is “Knife” in sumerian.
-The soul knife.And my love ,my wife is Nerkegishal,”The vision that cross the space”.
-Our mission is beyond this,but you na´t hide your reptilian ancestors.
-You think i was a creature made by Godzilla Biotech?.
-Of course not!!!.But the trap of this.They want we believe you beleive,better,that you,humans are a part of a draconian system,a xenology from reptoids,and you were created slaves,of course that´s false, and your mission is to transform this vision,and showing the truth,the magnificient of your race,and your compassion,we are here for that, Matrax.And in a moment he disspaeared.
-Where are you,Mat?
-We are with you,goes on your path,believe in you,we are dealing with other facts too,we are in your path th show you and lead you to this history,keep on…hehe!!!.
EPSI-CODE 5:”Political Masturbation”:
-Ayotzinapa ,they want to come to the city.
-We must opening the forus…
-It wont be necessary.
-But its a moment..a phone important moment.
-Spanish Consulate,are you Bournes?.
-Your e-mail failed, can you tell it to me,please?
-Thank you,it´s to verufy ,good morning!!.
-Strange call,What do they want form me?.
-Nothing darling!!,tell him Meredith it´s simply burocracy.But he learned one thing: nothing is random,and also at politics or exopolitics.
-We must protect ayotzinapa´s ok?.
-Yeah!!! Don´t worry,all is revealed!.
-We must call your mother tomorrow with a whatsapp!.
-Really? Mother´s day,thank you darling!.I´m worried all is happening ,5000 deads at Nepal by HAARPS,o ship from ESA is fallen down when transports material to the ESS (European Space Station),..and all is happening under our feet,these dreams!!!.
-What you say?.
-Nothing,i must write more.i´m writting about an alien civilization linked with human race..
-Ok,Ok!!! I must go to my job,working,remember? I´m not a writter as you,Ciao!!! Heaven!!!.
-Ciao my strawberry cloud!!!.
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