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Publicado: 22 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
EPSI-CODE 6:”I see things”:
-From numbers you can traslate all parameters into your vision.
-Number as coordinates.
-No,numbers as Codes.
-As Pitagoreans ,mayans…
-Yes, they know that numbers open doors into spae-time,and many keys to another worlds you can find them and get into them,these portals,through them…
-As sacred gates..stargates.
-I´m going to inform you about all i know and i´m going to transfer you just now; And  a flash of light hit my mind.
Universe :
I´ve been inside a botle ,a glass botle ,giant walls and i couldn´t scape.What happened to me? Which kind of witchcraft was this?.
-You are not inside the botle .This is not a botle .This is a wall-form from a universe.This is its boundaries,its frontiers,he told touching the void with his right hand and a sound of cristal was reflected.
-So, in the opposite direction…
-You are infinite…hehe!!! C´mon.Let´s show the rules and caracteristics of this universe.As you see all is shining ,and a smooth green carpet surround everything.,all around you,and nothing else.
-Nothing else?.All was my thoughts,my breath,all was me,there´s nothing else,it was true.What is that?
And infornt of him an image of his love appeared as a ghost into the glass material.
-She is your mission!!! Your love is the spark that will save the universe.The veil must be cleared.Alpha Universe,wellcome,here only exists what you are and what you can create,all this is inside your mind,practice!!
-No!.Matrax please!!…huahuahuah!!!.
EPSI-CODE 8:”Place is trap! (El lugar está acabado)”:
“The Ist Industrial War of the world against the Machines.It was beetween 2079 and 2179 AD with beetween wars period about 50 years,in that time we were betrayed by our governments to the Time Machines,Grey´s property.Very soon, a part of them,rebel Greys called “The templar Greys” co-federated and coaligated with humans against governments and NWO greys.Using his psiquic powers, Kuato [ who can see you at once at all your time lines]  in a new power can  check-in you in about 3 mechanical seconds called “ Cosmic Power Interval”,a gift done by the Only One to the “Free Humans” ,the first human league free from  reptoid greys´ time machines power et Allie (Sirians B) .This CPI was born at 12 21 2014 Gregorian Calendar in a time infra-intervalus opened by José Argüelles from eternity,given to humanity from all galaxies,exponentialy growing human  paranormal powers for ever”. Source=John Tittor,”Big Joe”.

-You can see in all dimensions at once!!..Dimensionally?.
-Ah!! Yeah!! Your vision must develope all these tools to get into this dimension.You must grow your multidimensionallity.
-Please!! Tell me more!!!.
-Well,i can´t tell you the rules of the game.But you´ll find them while you play.
-Which i play? Play what?.
Suddenly a big rock of 55 tons comes form nowhere and stopped at 2 inches to his head just before crashing it!.
-How did you do that?.
-Did i? I didn´t ,it was you!!! Just you!!!>
-What the hell?!!! How? With my brain? Tell me Matrx!.
-Just saty calm! Which is the mistery of misteries? What is it?.
-The mistery of misteries ¿ What is this? An iniciation? .I read Nag Hammadi texts .
-Your have read but you havent understand  anything.We sent this information many million years ago to blow your planet,to your race, Bourness.We develope your curiosity for these areas of study.
-What are you talking about?.
-Jesuscrist was an advanced Neo-chaman, a witch with many powers to destry all darkness.He was human,but he was in contact with us.We came form the source.
-Was he human?.
-Do you doubt it?.Of course!!!.He learned with us,we sent you chamanic lessons ,and gnostic sciences many many million years ago…
-You are a part from this lineage ,chamanic lineage as well…hehe!!!.You are human but from many many thousands million years ago into space.
-Into space.
-We measure time and space laws at same level.For example, you are 20.10 (6) billion miles old, or you are 20.10(6) billion years from your house.
-It´s like Einstein laws ,light years.
-Yeah!!!But we measure inside your brain,because we drive without license ,let me show you!!!.
And he took my hand and we cross all this universe side by side,no movement,just with our minds.
-Your race is THE ONLY RACE that can completely travel wherever you want just with your wish,your mind powers.
-Yes.It´s your main atributtion, your main power.So,all governments try to enhance to this power to its own benefits or trying people doesn´t develope their minds.If you analise it ast your educational system they don´t teach you how to train your minds,just obey and act.And this situation is still worse everyday.
-But what´s worth then?.
-Trying to find your true charactheristics and destroy all machines that are controlling you, that´s the reality  at this moment.But your mission is still more difficult.
-More difficult?.
-Your love, Emerith,she´s in danger .And your daughter.
-Emerith and Sophia?.
-Yeah!,They are linked with a strong force field to a certain source power,i can´t explain  you yet, but we must act now!!.They need you!!!.
-But why? Why?.
-Because you must react, Bourness, you must remember,who you really are,but don´t worry,it´s not too late…hehe!!!.
And his voice was dissapearing into the void of the space…
-Matx?.Shit!!,I´m lonely once agian.What can i go now?.
At a certain moment a blue light as in a big screen was activated and it grows up more and more taking a door´s size ,a stargate.
-Well,i think travel has just begun ,and with a jump he entered in a new cosmic film.The adventure must góes on!!!. oooOOOuuuuu!!!.
A totally new level .The entrances at a totally new level.There it seems a big cave with big columns and a lake just in the center of the perimeter.He altered his direction and a litle ship was there in the nearest side of the lake,when he pulled up this he saw lake was greater he thought, and thet there´s a litle island with a big castle done with quarz cristals shining as two million suns.He walked in and enters this magic building.There just an armor and many metal swords and a plasma gun ,gigantic as well.He can´t believe it ,and put his feet on the plattform,all was giving turns around him and every turn was a new par, of armor on his body, he is now like a cosmic-knight ready for what? He goes down and down and get into a ship,empty, all ready for him,when he puts in contact with his open head,the mother-ship takes off out the cave ,it was bigger he believed .This ship seems very very old as a big stone –phallus with inscriptions on a strange dialect all around it, and many many light flashes,green flash lights goes out from it secuentially,he saw this mothership before,
-Yes, i remember ,at Apollo XX´secret mission ,they found a 1500 million years old mothership on the dark side of the moon : Could it be this?.
Suddenly on all screens  he saw many danger alerts ,they were directly to crash in the Moon , once again history was repeating once and once again!.But and his partner and the female Alien Astronauts found in the ship? Where was she?..
-Here!!! Here i am!!! My knight!!!.
-What is that? Am i inside a vídeo game? I´m inside Mortal Kombat X?.
-No!!!It´s real,it´s true!!.Do you remember  “The Incal” from Moëbius and Jodorowsky.
-Yeah! This was project of both,but they couldn´t do the film.
-Well, here at this film there are many keys of your mutual relationship.
Oh!!! We are matter?.
-No, we are not related, but friends, do you understand H-U-M-A-N?.
-Ok,MA-TRAX .I touched you !1 Draw!!We can be friends!!!.
-Nice shot ,c´mon take something seriously!!..huahuahua!!!.All the marthyrs of the universal freedom at underground wars,Phil Scheneider…,we must remember him now, so our children can have any chance in the future,we are not from left side,we are not form right side,we don´t believe in politics ,we just believe in us!!!.And in the future.
And the Matrax being crossed his arms and put down his head in silence..Then i woke up,then i remember the future and which my mission is.
EPSI-CODE 9: “I´m injecting the secret force of the universe”:THE SECRET PROMISE:
-Matrax said : You must write a book about protection woman politics all around the world:
*The covering lies
**the underlying politics behind the curtain.
***To uncover the Lie.
/-And what will be the name of this book?
-“THE LONELY WOMAN”/”THE SILENT WOMAN”.This will be the begining:
“I was imprisoned by a crime i didn´t do,and at the same time many women died by hands of psicotic men.Where did these men came from?.Spanish government got free many dangerous killers .Where dis these men go later?.I never knew these kind of human beings,where dis they come from? A fear politics? A terror politics?.
And what was the target of their actions? To find true human beings with mental-spiritual powers thast could turn off all this menta-spiritual control we are living in,an Alien prison,made by aliens to find and kill true human beings with all these charateristics.THAT´S THE TRUTH…hehe!!!.
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