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Publicado: 10 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
-Yeah! But all your book doesn´t talk of Nicolas Tesla,nor Nicolas tesla´s coil and nothing!!!.
At College,Dr Weels and Romeo were talking:
-Read this,Romeo-said Dr.Weels very loudly
We are yet at Lyran Wars:At this day 06/02/2015 greg cal we keep on Lyran Wars as we wrote at “Arguelles rebuilt,the Angel´s Realm”about Time Masters ,Lyran Allies.So we are at The Lyran Wars with all the crop circles giving us answers on-live and Lyra is the integration, but nor with our enemies bur with the power itself inside us, all the elements fighting with each other .We have doubts about this collission forces,but there´s no way we can get on the integration ,they are destructive forces.The Lyra´s enemies are destrcutive and destructors.Sirius B,and others,Montauk and the hybrids from Mars,the russian´s meteror at 2013..The Lyran wars are part of this book from a particular perspective = Free Energy as Nicolas tesla discovered.In this war all human beings in all whole universe  take partit´s something positive and constructive.This is the point where Integration is the exact definition of our strenght ,taking whole power to destroy all our enemies.”
Romeo read vey close to paper and said one sentence:
-I think is perfect-And bring a paper showing it to Dr.Weels-saying:
-Look at this!.:
-Gorgeous!-Claim Dr.Weels
.-I think we are going to make another universe…hehe!!!!.
– As Ben Rich LockHeed Skunk Works ´s Ex-director said : “We have the tecnology to take Aliens to their house,or anything you can imagine,we already have this technology to do this,but these technologies are closed at Black budgets.It would be necessary a God´s act to get these technologies free in benefit of all human kind.”
-“85 pesetas!,85 pesetas!!”.It´s a total war against all governments in all whole planet-Said Romeo.They,he and professor Weels at the Lab,outside a light rain was falling down on the streets.
-The United States Government has been in business with little gray extraterrestrials for about 20 years-Ansewered Professor Weels.
-In its effort to protect democracy, our government sold us to the aliens. The “horrible truth” was known by only a very few persons: They were indeed ugly little creatures, shaped like praying mantises and who were more advanced than us by perhaps a billion years. Of the original group that were the first to learn the “horrible truth”, several committed suicide, the most prominent of which was General James V. Forrestal who jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window. General Forrestal’s medical records are sealed to this day.
-“Behind the curtain! We merge!”, we are not masks,we are real!.As  Psi-Tek ornanization by Spanish Government…a kind of conductism..,is more about Montauk´s experiments and Philadelphia experiments,very advanced …in manipulation…It´s disgusting!!!.Maybe we should go 60000 years ago, or 3 million years ago to see what´s the scope of both experiments…Greys,Atlantis,Mars…At Holy Quran appears many times the names “Ad” which is “AT-lantis”(The “land” of the AD) and “ZA (The)-MUD” that corresponds with “LE-MUR-ia” and is said there about the mutual destruction of both continents because they rejected the messengers that came up from The Source, they were dealing with high energies,crystal energies, genetical stuff and were doing many other negative things…,and all this was conected, Mars was destroyed by same ways, self-destruction because their greed and their malevolence grew up very fastly and they were conected with philadelphia experiment and the Montauk experiment and the greys trying to use these discoverings to their own benefit,as they are trying to do now at 2015,with its hive mind.Many times at the Holy Quran you can read the term “Djins”,refering to Aliens,and their mutual comunitties human-aliens at Lemuria (Za-mud) and Atlantis (Ad), sirians-humans….for example…
-I see, unbelievable!!!.Resistance is not terrorism,stop the invassion!!!. The biggest Holy War is against our worst enemy=ourselves.Yihad-an-Nafs or Holy War against our Ego (nafs at arab language).That means to erase any litle piece o four egos,and in this way the storm to destroy our worst enemies,our egos,is a path that all spiritual ways recognised  from Hermes Trimegisto until Ibn Arabi,and is always the same to clean the path to God erasing any litle part of ego inside of us,and “beat” it once and once again,until be ONE.Our target is is clear, is Allah,God,and to discover all Its Secrets,that´s what our true enemies don´t really want ,that we clean the way to the Source,beause if we do this we are really indestructible.Please remember these words.I love you very much,and God always loves you,don´t forget this…hehe!!!.
-NWO and Islamic State is the same, and are financied by NSA and they want arab people lays at this underdevelopment,because arab governments use religion as an excuse to control as Capitalism uses money to control western people,but is all the same, they are the same ones in everywhere,and have created Al Qaeda,that was financied by Bush Family,Bin Laden and his family were friends,who can denies it?.So, where´s the reality?.The USA government hitted Twin Towers,petrodollar is dollar at all, no one rejects Saudi Arabia because of Oil, but no one helps Palestine when Israel killed 2000 inocent people at 2014,we don´t forgive,we don´t forget, expect us!!!…hehe!!!.All religions were created to control people by Greys and Reptilians,and they want people doesn´t arrive at God, they want to kill God!.But God is not there,at religions, no more,because It´s alive,It´s at Tecnology,invisible Technologies, that are everywhere in the cosmos,everykind of forcefields around us, discover them!!..huahua!!!.Magnetic,electrical lines,quantic forcefields,..Just before these technologies were hidden as ocultism or Alchemy but we have already break all the seals and we are begining the path to these tecnologies once thought by Leonardo da Vinci,and many others…We have to change the meaning of Science and of Technology also,and our role into the whole Cosmos.
-While.. they do their finantial obligations ,undercover infiltrations.
-Yeah!,”maximum security”, so terrorist operations.
-Abd what about this giant draco-winged being about 2000 years old?-said Romeo to dr.Weels.
-I was interested nor at only by reptilian questions, but artificial soldiers,…and when i was at the peak of my depression i was enlightened,we must make as a hunting,you know?.A kinda of strategical team,because the goal is hit one of THESE BEINGS,or nor only,but all the reptilian beings at Aden´s Gulf,and México and everywhere are doing troubles at our amazing planet.
-You remember my aunt Elena at Rússia,i was ‘squeezed” by the ground in Rússia,but it was na open vission.I was in a cave surrounded by many ,many reptilian beings looking at me, i was sure i was not a dream!, i really was there trapped by a portal near Moskow,as i experiencied at london and so mnay places before feeling the mind reptilian waves mixtured with high grey development technologies, it was as a trace,i was looking for the answers at this mission,and it was at Moskow!!!.Suddenly many artficial soldiers-human-like beings were around me and told me i followed them,at a lifter, a light a blue light was near as out-time,and i realised it was real, all legends were real..,and i coludn´t see the origin of this light,i saw many mnay technologies at walls and a kinda of romour came from the other level,behind us,200 meters later we were there, at a very ery big place,where a reptilian spaceship or something like that was laying there.The like-human artificial soldiers gave me a book with a misterious title: “The Origins of Everything” and when i was reading a picture of the same spaceship and  a history about its planet,and a war beetween reptoids/greys and humans at Epsylon Eridani,the experiments they were doing there with humans,as they are doing now here at our small planet,since 3 million years ago,and this time was the peak point of this experiment,its maximum level.All human race was to be slaved and they were sure of their succes.We will be their food,this is our destiny and, in this time we were getting ready to be eaten as a single thing in the future,sucking all our energies with electrical-sionic-Matrix and reptilian world they were doing it,at all, we were single toys at their hands and my role in this was ti give them some information i had, that´s the reason to take me to Rússia and they presented me with my aunt Elena,as a familiar organism.
-And what did you do?
-I was trapped in a terrorific agenda!.That´s what scared me!,They showed me up a machine, as a cahir,i realized i was a Montauk´s chair and they wanted me to be a human-like as the other ones (the resto f the planet) at my side.And i don´t know why,well i really konw,because i don´t have anything more to loose,they had taken me all, everything,my family,my friends with their frankentianean implants in all my people,and they have been catched for the reptilian imperium,but i didi´nt.I beat one of them far away from me and took a hammer,i destroyed its head and all the Montauk´s chair components,at least i was oppening a portal infront of me,first as a dark light,later slowly were opening and a light comes from within,i was shocked but i go through the portal which the reptilian being was ready to attack me with its hipotalamus-hypnotical-brain-waves to paralize me.I was out at a “central park” or something so at center Moskow.I was scared,but alive!!!.I realized these beings,those caves and those beings were all our planet,at underground palaces,but the bigger and the dangerous one was at South Brasil or maybe one of the olders.That´s the reason i came there to Viamâo, ,i read at a place that there exist a race of reptilians ,the Iguanoids,well, they wear blak ang long tunics,they are called the “black Monks” and have a high height,well,i see at Credo Mwtua vídeo by David Icke´s he called them “the Monopods” and that they always came with portugeses at their colonisations at Africa and America, these races are known because they have very high mental powers, black magic and mind submission of other races,they are the most dangerous races for humans,because they see us as food!,this monacal fraternity inhabited America and Africa before portuguese came and had a cross as the portuguese monks came to them, that´s the reason beause many indigenous tribes known this symbol and accepted them,as happens at Guaranies with Jesuitics at Brasil,they knew this symbol beause the contact with this race.And the portuguese monks, black monks were the same race but from Europe, so the international conspirancy had and has many agendas with same purpose,i realized that the black monks with portuguese were same iguanoids are as the iguanoids brothers at Africa and America,and they wanted to meet together to make some kinda of plan..I came to Brazil at this land, Viamâo,colonised by Azorians-portugueses people,and with them came this race,dreseed as Black Monks to hide their tails…hehe!!.Here they had to find Draco-wingued´s 2000 years old and take care or it,and they design all catholic churches here at Rio Grande do Sul and where they must be built by the reasons of caverns and reptilian underground cities here and connect them.They created religions to hide some other plans and Catolicism in this age was very usefull for Igunoids so they can spread their negeative waves from these churches as receptaculs of human victims and human sacrifices,so i organised this hunting,this same race was who killed 243 human victims at Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul at 2013 with the work of spacecrafts at moon reptilian bases as you can see at vídeo “Avistamiento en Porto Alegre 2013”. But in some way i see our future,we won!!,we have won!!!..and organised this hunting,but in some way i see our future,we won!!,we have won!!!.Because they make mind war ,if we win one of them at its mind,we won all!!!.So, i see i had the key for all this problem,i had to write this book “The Origins of Everything”,because my words ,simply my words will be so powerfull that they will change our future time lines,do you understand?.And if you are reading this is because we have won!!!.Please, read and share this book,beause is the light of our future.Thank you to all human race!!!,,,hehe!!!-.And with this laugh he dissapeared for ever in the corredor ,and i ddin´t see porfessor Weels no more…I called Julieta and told her:
-I love,julieta!.Can i go at home, now?.
-Of course,i love you too, you are my life,you know?…hehe!!!.
-Wonderfull woman!!!,..hehe!!!.What you say about this title?: “The rutilant history of an Alien at..”.
-“Julieta is in-Love with (Me)”…hehe!!!-Romeo said.
-Did you say something?…
-No..i was singing ..” While they´re scaning me..Why can´t you hear me?.I´m there for the answer”.
-What´s that? Are you with your 80´s Music again?
-Yes!,it´s industrial..”Frontline Assembly”..i´m just hearing “Artificial Soldier” album…amazing!!!.
-You´re insane!!.
-Listen to me : “#The Formic Wars or The Southamerican Wars = At XXVIII-XXIX centuries,south américa wa sthe scene of a total chaos by the Artificial Troops by Mariscal Lipps and the Hybrid Army by The Liquid Resistance with five centuries fighting in the digital batlefields they accorded to program the war at phisical plane by last time,these are the chronicles of this final confrontation.”Do you like it for new book?.“Scanning surround,sucking the successions”..I want to write about invisible technologies from benefit aliens.We must activate all technologies that governments and agressive aliens are hidding from us at black budgets by  mind ways,activate them at our mental screen ,to plasmatical aura at this distanze we can make them alive, we don´t need to touch them phisically because our mind powers are so high that are practically infinite,that´s the reason these races want to slave us for ever, because we have soul and direct connection with the Source,Symbol of Power, we can simply activate something thinking about it,all races venerate us for this, we don´t need holographic techniologies to create our reality, as Andromedans ond others, we are so powerfull that can do it with our mind, because we have inside at our brains these technologies,INsynthetical-SIDE,greys and Reptilians want to sufocate us at a matter stuff,sensorial and phisically to not decrease our mind and spiritual ratios, but their screens don´t lie, we have take off their meditions,their technologies,and that´s what they would never want.It´s necessary a big The Almighty´s Intervention ..If we all ask with all Power it to Him, He´ll do it!!!.
-It sound very…weird,new, but i like it!!.. i see…., that´s because you  writte…congratulations…huahuah!!!.
This is,a tactical disposal compendium as an epic novel book.This book is dedicated to my friends,wherever you are!!!…hehe!!!.Specially to my friend in Madrid-Spain and Steven Ican, this goes for you! ,to my wife Tanambi Kunha to be there in the words´Castle,and her mother and my mother Margarita Dimanuel,a model in all ways…hehe!!!.Without them this work will be simply impossible!!…huahuahua!!.or kkkkkkkkkkkk!!!.]

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