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Publicado: 21 de agosto de 2015 em Sem categoria
EPSI-CODE 4 : “Northshore “:
The question is ,All of this works? .Why we talk about UFO stuff? We don´t talk of it  as alleged-pro-gubernamental ufologists,but as believing at a necessity of revolution and not to give up to their Conspirancy,true conspirancy whose whole hooks can get to you right now,or no!!.Now is the moment you have choose in time to wake up, me and you, this is not pop-culture-UFO ,this is true, this book and all we have written to this right moment-place in time, we are real, and we are targetting always at same point,governments [all goverments all around the globe] are criminal, and they are in collaborattion side-by-side with a control-technology via internet,cellular-phones,neural-implants [ via random and massive vaccine popullattion campaigns-Look A-Flu[1] ]
-The Inner Sun: as at Sunrise film,inhabited and full of life,human life,mountains,rivers,oceans
-The thing is clear: The governments all around the globe want to breakthrough fast, so REGRESION from out democracy,and same time high economic development,tht´s not possible but with a total obedience by all of us,“slaves”for them.But we are not slaves ,and now we are part a big´s part revolution movement since “15M ,global against-system movement ruled by the Anonymous Resistence.So governments had to dis-miss-their-own-selves and make  future  nomimal dictatorship´s pre-phase ,while we are at false democracies,”dis-falsed” by people´s,and so all system is reversing and is re-“bunkerizing”,The Resistance is taking strong,but our bases are there sine 7 years ago,firmnessly,and all bases are fluctuing no more,they cost MILLION YEARS to take them!,we come back to ur unknown places,we hide,to act at right moment,not before, not later,ALL TOGETHER.
Because we dont believe in that democracy,but total unanimity;they are who must beging to get afraid of us,by all crimes made,and after fallen maskes.They only have a GLOBAL TOTALISM TYRANY,and people is waitng them, with THE GLOBAL RESISTANCE, because we konw next step,and we are taking it in its right place,we konw,missings,tortures,and all kind of
#All Branton videos stuff:crimes,..,but its too late for them.We are ready,we were ready for this too….hehe!!!.
  1. L.S. Now we can discuss the ancient “alien spaceship” and “the City” on the farside of the Moon. Did you go inside the spaceship? How big was it and what did you find inside?
W.R. We went inside the big spaceship, also into a triangular one. The major parts of the exploration was; it was a mother ship, very old, who crossed the universe at least milliard of years ago (1.5 estimated). There were many signs of biology inside, old remains of a vegetation in a “motor” section, special triangular rocks who emitted “tears” of a yellow liquid which has some special medical properties, and of course signs of extra solar creatures. We found remains of little bodies (10cm) living in a network of glass tubes all along the ship, but the major discovery was two bodies, one intact.
-a kinda of Ancestral Technology
-Thats it!! An ancestral exotechnobiological mothership,with many biological and all that stuff,u know,in deep space all is very ancient,all beings are very ancestrals, and we seem antz for them for our age average,its simple!.And all,wars,ships,cultures,are very ancient,its not as movie films, metal ships or new super futuristic motherships,no!,all is very essenctial and human beings from earth seems very ridiculous…there are another human races very ancientstoo, but human race age average is always the same.
[1] At Spain,at 2010,Zapatero´s Government alert about A-Flu and the first ones to take vaccine were He and his/her ministers,Why?.As an example? Why they first? And all population? We are in a new-created-tecnocratical cast societies and the Elite (political and new-religious-Scientifical wave-dammned people with all its instituitions.ALL OF THEM are getting to a nucleus, where nothing scapes and nothig is transparent,a very deep black-hole nemesis for earth´s people in all the Globe.So UFO stuff is included at this,they are payed by governments to spread confussion,all these tv programs as “Millenio III”at Televisa mexican Television or/and “Cuarto Milenio” at spanish television (very similar,don´t you think so?) are trying to get rid of the real problem and real solution as well,they are offering information,but toxicinformattion, looking at this reality with some distorted glasses,that we are food ,the main resources food supply since many thousand years ago for some institutions (all religions included),that have created some ways to get feed and keep this normal flood supply all the time and thet they have more sophisticated nucleus-ways via comunicattion tecnology, at full close to all kinda people [cellphones-Internet..] with same purpose to keep feeding from us and it all institutions knows it, all people that works at those institutions knows about it and collaborate in this conspirancy selling their human brothers and sisters ,there are no harmless people involved in it,main targets = missing children and young women for reproductive and genetic cure for the Greys,and full-energy-drink flowing at astral dimmensions for reptoids and Archonts [the main food supply].All these institutions are all Governments [federal,local,…]Newspapers,televisions [included network cable],Hospitals, Mental Clinics,Police-stations,Fire-bombing,Mail centers,religious cults [ signed by governments],Universities,Internet firms,Mining Firms,Militar firms,Chemical Firms,..everything is suppossed to be at your service serves to take your energy ammount (Psicological,spiritual,astral..) and give it to them,…Of course they know how to do it, by somme millenia doing it,and now without violence,with all our permission,the perfect trap.But if you don´t let them to take their food form you you are prosecuted,jailed,killed, my own case Mr Sergio Cobos Arco,it´s my life,and i´m alive and i´ll keep on fighting against this monster,versus “The Machine” with no surrender, thank you to all my brothers and sisters..This note is deciated to loving memory of Emiliano Zapata at his aniversary..Viza Zapata!!!…hehe!!!.04 11 2015 greg cal.
-The two most important points in whole human body is at its wrists,in the outbone,under this you can pulse thumb finger opposite hand ,and activate them, because they close totally  your body.
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