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New Wolrd Order is firing South America;at last few hours we have watching at Brasilian "Globo" Tv Netwok thE end of a period of time about 20 years,last remanents of a goverment Anti-NWO all around the world.

Whats happenin?.
I´ve found something at brasil that i had lost at 1999,thats it,the main weapon against NWO,and once its done,they attack!.
The special position of Brasil nor only geographical,political  but cultural and linguistical have made this country a very privilegious position infront the NWO.
Last 20 years,Latin america was building a certain independence from FMI and all these institutions ,nor only NSA,thats the case because Greewald ( Snowden´s partener)  and others,as Julian Assange at Ecuador Embassy could have a big protection,but hese times are over...We are assiting last months,Macri´s governmt at Argentina and Kirchner fall,Venezuela inner desafections,last visit USA President´s Obama to La Habana (Cuba),Peru´s elections last week are symptons of a very deep change at world most important balance beetween continents.SouthAmerica have grown and has built a very solid plae to freedom fighters against NWO ,as Russia and other places,and Brasil has its soil at this world gamechess.
This Chessgame has dramatically changed ,because of the actors and the Characters,Trump at USA,with racial and violent sentences,the end of left winged regimes at South America,we are facing a very radical breakthrough,and we as wittnesses can watch NWO agendas in all these changes

These attacks are part of TMA20 agenda actions focusing to implement 70´s southamerican dictatorships all around the planet,thats the main part,but nor the only one.If you want to make changes at the net,its not necessary to have 400000 visits at your youtube channel,you only have to send your message and its enough that ONE read or hear or watch your message all the net,all the public opinion changes,quantum phisics...hehe!!!.

We are already writting this book ("El Complot...LINK) FROM bRASIL 04/19/2016 GREG CAL and we are writting this daily blog ( Intraterrestrial Diary) , very close to main intraterrestrials cities and supports at the surface making possible the most crazy attack by NWO last years.

We are already watching what this book will be,as political Alien-Governments alliances work,as last thousands of years at this planet,and all is mixed with underground facilities and intraterrestrial cities.

As we faced before,the key of all this investigation here at Brasil and all these years is the Preston Nichols Interview [2014] and all Al Bielek Videos (youtube) about all his (Preston Nichols) time travels to the future, exactly at XXIX century and he meets himself in that future (possible time line) ,and what i´ve found for my own with Argüelles about Galactic Mayans (Alcione) exactand originarious peoples (andromeda-Epsylon) and mind time travels with no tecnology, inner vission,and energic stream from these monsters fromMontauk/Philadelphia time travels and our tasl begins there,when all these yaeras carrying to "now" to discover and open a new path thay unifies something completely different and new thats what we are doing .

All this poltics beetween humans and Aliens ,at 90´s,Spain´s PSOE founded dangerous liasions and let some useful alliances witn some alien races, thay they could be very useful to govern Spain ,and they made part of PP strategies.or PP knows very well theses ones.

This means and amplifies a litle bit the base of our investigations about real nature these aliens-humans alliances;these peoples seem they live or we are doing a singular folcklorism or ufological tourism it has its main importance and they are living with us in a more daily basis we can imagine,and infront of this the governments or against the governments,as well explain widely.

Iis very interesting as NWO works at these times (04/19/2016 greg cal) ,and we can see and realize the way NWO tries to hold nor only politics as last decades,but society,economics ,and also perception of the public,as we already know. All attacks they are doing,sistemics and systematically .Earthquake at Ecuador,with so mnay death penalties,is very close with other main targets,another kind,searching another consecuences,when a political change is making it real,it must be justified, with the "real",which is changeable,muting,or is possible to change some details,as you know NWO does this through bombs,or using HAARP Tech targetting some places at some specific moments,last week four HAARP attacks at same time,at Japan,Uruguay,and today at Ecuador (who press the button? NSA..? MJ12...?),and also Popocapetl Volcano at Mexico,main entrance and exit for UFOs whole planet is under highest activity this week, in a second phase of this attack,they wanted to make they´ll try to change the mood of public opinion some different issues.

Earthquakes by HAARP last week at Japan with 45 deads and tody at Ecuador with more than 400 deads,tornado at Uruguay last week,clasiccal left winged parties desafections at South America, extraordinarily subrreal situation at Brasil with Dilma´s Impeecment,and at "El Pais" ,one of the most importants journals all aorund the world commenting about Nazca´s drawings at Peru´s coast as a part of a simple water supply structure(!) forgetting dimmensions ,hundred of miles,and the shape of the same drawings that they are only recognised form deep space or a jumper,for instance) trying to hide curiosity form investigators about relationships beetween intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial civilizations and the the surface ones, and consecuently with governments,as we always say, trying justifing things ,to hide true meaning, and you cannot realize that ufology and politis are same thing,and/or last attacks by HAARPS,trying we watch them as casul facts,but they are factuals and deliberates, changing public opinion against who are lookinfg for relationships beetween governments and Aliens are gettind real,in a net we can call NWO.

# Ecuador´s Earthquake (04/19/2016 greg cal)

#HAARP Technology

# Nazca´s drawings at Peru´s Coast

# Popocapetl Volcano (Mexico)





Hermanas y hermanos de Latinoamerica y del mundo:

En estos momentos Brasil sufre una grave crisis política en la que los verdaderos afectados serán los mismos de siempre, los que abajo sufrimos las penas históricas de un país gobernado por una elite mezquina y criminal.

El golpe programado para quitar la presidencia de la Republica hiere los avances alcanzados contra la voluntad de los latifundistas que siguen asesinando a indígenas y campesinos, de la elite que regala al pueblo la casta de la miseria, la elite que ha enriquecido gracias a la sangre indígena y negra que derramó.

El golpe fue programado desde hace mucho, cuando la banda política mas corrupta aun era parte del gobierno y allí, desde sus puestos en el gobierno han traicionado al proyecto político llenándolo de corrupción, tanta que ni siquiera el gobierno ha tenido fuerza para quitarlo y por eso delegó a la Policia Federal poderes para investigar y detener a los delincuentes.

Pero el golpe ya estaba listo y en marcha, porque el pacto tenia esa finalidad: traicionar.

No estamos aquí defendiendo al ex presidente Lula, a la presidenta Dilma Rousseff o a su partido político. Defendemos a las y los trabajadores que han conquistado derechos sociales jamás imaginados, derechos negados por esa elite criminal. No estamos aquí como partidistas, defiendemos la autonomia de los pueblos y sus procesos politicos, estamos aquí mientras pueblo organizado desde abajo, capaz de percibir que los golpes que están pasando en Latinoamerica son ataques cirugicos no simplemente en contra de Estados nacionales: es contra sus recursos naturales, es la perpetuación del saqueo ya conocido.

Por detrás de la visita de Obama a Cuba, del avance de la derecha en Argentina y Peru, de los intentos en Venezuela y Ecuador, de las bases militares en toda Sudamerica vendrán las megaminerias, la privatización del agua, la expulsión de los pueblos originarios de sus tierras ancestrales, el envenamiento sistematico de la comida por los transgénicos, el fracking, la explotación de los campesinos, la dominación económica de los bancos y multinacionales para una vez más hacernos esclavos a través del robo de nuestras riquezas ya dominadas por las elites regionales.

Por eses motivos compañeras y compañeros y no por gobiernos que fracasaron en sus proyectos que debemos los pueblos y todas las rebeldías unirnos, porque somos los únicos que vamos a sufrir el impacto de los golpes que están caminando por esas tierras.

No es secreto que todos los niveles parlamentarios de Brasil están relacionados con la corrupción: Eduardo Cunha, presidente del Congresso Nacional es investigado y esta a punto de perder su puesto; El Presidente del Senado, Renan Calheiros está en la misma situación. De los 65 miembros de la comisión formada para decidir sobre el juicio politico, 37 de ellos sufren acusaciones de corrupción o otros crímenes, además que del total de 513 diputados que votaron contra o a favor del Impeachment de Dilma, 303 están siendo investigados. Y no para. El próximo parlamento a decidir el futuro del pueblo, el Senado tiene 49 senadores en juicio de un total de 81 senadores. Además, el vicepresidente, Michel Temer, el siguiente en la línea sucesoria de Dilma ya fue acusado de recibir dinero en el escándalo de la Petrobrás.

Es decir. En estos momentos no hay legitimidad parlamentaria en ninguno de los níveles del gobierno para brindar el país con el Impeachment de Dilma Rousseff. Por detrás de esa maniobra esta la derecha brasileña manipulada por el fascismo yankee que se opone al poco conocido Foro de São Paulo y el interés de impedir cualquier tipo de colaboración entre los países de Latinomerica.

El avance de la ultra derecha en Sudamérica es un hecho. Cabe a nosotras, nosotros apoyarnos y luchar contra los planes de ella arriba. No es casualidad que hoy, 19 de april el senador brasileño Aloysio Nune este en viaje a EE.UU. Además de reunirse con funcionarios de norteamerica, el senador de la oposición (PSDB) también va encontrarse con asesores de la candidata Hillary Clinton del Partido Demócrata…pocos días después de poner en marcha su golpe, ya están a la puerta de patrón.

Por eso invitamos a todas y todos a firmar esta carta, llevarla a diferentes rincones y presionar los países que en caso de golpe Brasil sea castigado con su salida del Mercosur y otros organismos de colaboración sudamericana. Les convocamos a todas y todos a desde sus colectivos proponer un debate sobre la conyuntura política y económica de Latinoamerica. Finalmente, también les invitamos a manifestar su apoyo escribiendo e-mails a los senadores brasileños en el site del Senado exigiendo elecciones directas y no la imposición de golpistas corruptos servos de la ambición criminal de Estados Unidos.

Compañeras y compañeros, no estamos aquí para justificar o juzgar los errores de un gobierno o partido político. Aquí estamos para protegernos de la amenaza que hemos enfrentado siempre.

Que los intereses de Estados Unidos y las derechas que financian no puedan ser capaces de decidir el paso de los pueblos de Latinoamerica!

Por favor, escribe a los senadores brasileños en el PDF del link, apoya y difunde, manifiestate:http://www.senado.gov.br/transparen…/…/secrh/parla_inter.pdf

Muchas gracias a todas y todos.





Infront of our eyes we have coul seen past days how a president choosen by the peole as Dilma Roussef has been taken appart form the power of a gigantic country as Brasil,what can this mean?.

We are watching a new president as Temer,with many influences from USA,in oppositte ways from Dilma,far out from political speeches we can see clearly a very dangerous change in the region,to a new kind of beligerant movements.
South America has always been felt as a part of the America´s back neighboroughs,as a part of their influence,cultural or economical.
But whats happening these days is more or less a kind of war,in a few months many left governments have been deleted from power by more or less pseudodemocratic ways,and it will have their consecuences.
We can remember what happened at 70´s with Condor operation from America´s School ,many dictatorships were directly influenced by CIA,and we can already see same energies,but with a neoliberal or techonocratic ways.NWO is operating at its highest speed rate:
1-Last Days appears that transgenics are inicous(!) .by specifical scientific studies.
2-Biggest country at South America is under control of biggest pharmaceuticals by H1N1 flu false flag operation,more than 40 millions of bazilians have been vaccinated by this vaccines,that damage permanently DNA.(Ivoxx audio)
3-New tecnocratic President at Brasil,a country with the biggest Agrobussines in the region.
4-HAARPS operations at South America  and another  cover up false falgs are  getting at ASouth America and all the world in a dangerous war direction increassingly , a new kind of war with pharmaceuticals,techocratical governments to make a world with rich and poor countries separatated by phisical walls.
There goal is to destroy the world,and the amazona´ss forest
5-All this is creating as a need a new emergence of a cosmic vision ,a planetary vision as one Humaniyy,one World,one Soul,...,The Resistance Goes on`2016!!!


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